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Revisiting St. Pancras

By Iqbal Ahmed

It has been over a year since I boarded a Eurostar train from St. Pancras in London to Paris. The journey was ominous as Covid-19 loomed large. What the pandemic would entail was anybody's guess. The estimated number of 20,000 deaths due to Covid-19 in the UK seemed preposterous.

Keeping The EHL Campus Spirit Alive During Lockdown

By Alix Sayer

Anyone working or studying at the Ecole hotelière de Lausanne will agree that campus life is an integral part of the EHL experience. A walk around the F&B outlets in the central part of the building inevitably entails bumping into people, swapping ideas, hatching plans - in brief, making things happen! With the quick transition to remote learning, virtual classrooms and a campus on strictly reduced capacity, the fertile hub of human interaction at EHL has inevitably been impacted - but it's far from being diminished.

Forward for Arne

By Iqbal Ahmed

A large number of Marriott employees around the world have answered the call and come forward to run, walk or cycle by way of honouring the memory of Arne Sorenson. Although I am now a former employee of Marriott International, I decided to cycle for 17 miles in memory of my late friend.

European Hotel Investment Market 2020: Surprisingly Optimistic Results

By Kimberly Yoong

Nearly a year into our days of forced telecommuting and videoconferencing, the words 'impact of COVID-19' continue to ring in our ears. The hospitality industry has undoubtedly borne the brunt of this crisis, as many hotels across Europe continue to record single-digit occupancies, with average revenues per room down by nearly 70% in 2020.