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Using Technology to Invite Travelers to Journey Through Copenhagen and Beyond

By Angelique Miller

As COVID-19 restrictions have eased and vaccination rates have increased, so too, has interest in traveling abroad. As we highlight in our latest Travel Recovery Trend Report, bookings for many cities surged during the third quarter of the year, both globally and regionally.

The 5 Key Q3 Travel Trends for Travelers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

By Myriam Younes

Following on from our dive into the Q3 data for North America, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, we round out the series by looking at the EMEA region. What was the behavior of travelers in this varied and important market as it experienced its second summer of the pandemic? Here we examine five of the most noticeable trends found in our exclusive first-party data.

How has COVID-19 impacted the Swiss hospitality sector?

By Darren Burke

Even as the world continues to ease its COVID-19 restrictions, for those of us who are restaurant owners, suppliers, and hospitality staff, we are not expecting a return to “business as usual.” In fact, after 20 months of navigating government restrictions set to combat the virus, many of us in hospitality are beginning to reevaluate our business models altogether.

Rising costs, staffing shortages and multi-speed recovery play havoc with the UK hotel sector

By Russell Kett

A lively Q&A session, moderated by HVS chairman Russell Kett, addressed factors likely to hamper recovery progress. ‘The challenge around financial forecasting particularly if you have London hotels, as well as the pace of the change – when will it come back and how will it come back,’ was a key issue for Arron Taggart of Cheyne Capital, with travel restrictions, lack of airlift and scarcity of MICE business highlighted by Jan-Willem Terlouw of Westmont Group.