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In Search of Hotel Excellence: The Merrion Hotel

By Larry Mogelonsky

The Merrion Hotel in Dublin comprises four adjoined-terrace houses originally built around 1760 for wealthy Irish nobility. But nowadays you don't have to be nobility to be a guest here, nor particularly wealthy, as nightly rates range from a few hundred to well over a thousand Euros nightly depending upon room type selected.

The Tough Negotiation Surrounding Guarantees In Off-Plan Hotel Lease Agreements*

By Christopher Boinet, Anne Epinat and Philippe Gauguier

Off-plan hotel leases are often complex and lengthy contracts to negotiate. The parties involved generally engage in several rounds of negotiations, and both the owner and tenant must bitterly debate the guarantees imposed by the former, whose financial stakes are high.

Some Notes on Crafting the Perfect Hotel Event

By Larry Mogelonsky

Is there really such a thing as a perfect event that's held at a hotel? You know, the one that brides dream of or the one that corporate meeting planners hoping to make their mark lust after? For the past few years, I've been following numerous properties on LinkedIn, and standing out from the pack is Forbes five-star, The Lanesborough in London, England, a member of the Oetker Collection.