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A shift in the "all day" dining concept

By Yung Dang - Assistant Asset Manager By Duncan Fraser-Smith - Global Director of Food & Beverage at TFG Asset Management

Conventionally, the function of an all-day dining is to support the rooms department, serving as a convenient F&B outlet for internal guests. As the industry gradually shifts away from this model, it is the hotel asset manager's responsibility to advise both their owner and appointed operator to revise the dining concept.

Israel's tech community steps forward as innovation hub for hotels

By Michael Frenkel - MFC Public Relations

From the tech ecosystem that brought us Waze, MobilEye and the self-driving truck, the country's tech innovators find themselves smack in the middle of key issues and debates confronting the U.S. hotel industry, including the hotel-OTA relationship, the rise of Airbnb, the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the lethargy of the hotel community in the face of threats posed by new gatekeepers and disruptors.

Hotel Asset Management Guide: Some Hotel Asset Management Best Practices

By Mariano Faz - Head of TFG Asset Management By Yung Dang - Assistant Asset Manager

Principle 1: On the top line, the Hotel Asset Manager (HAM) needs to divert away from strictly focusing on Rooms strategies.The risk of a hotel being treated as a commodity forces operators to solely compete on price, thus giving the hotel guests bargaining power.

How will you be a global catalyst for change? - Carlson Rezidor| By Ramsay Rankoussi

The ongoing digital revolution, emerging internet of things and advent of the sharing economy are having a profound effect on the way people do business across the world. It's high time they were seen as enablers, not disruptors, and hospitality investors, developers, owners and operators alike have the chance in 2017 to capitalise on these for future growth, profitability and success.

Staff turnover and strategies to combat

By Mariano Faz - Head of TFG Asset Management By Yung Dang - Assistant Asset Manager

Based on our field and secondary research, we have come up with four critical strategies that can help to solve or limit this alarming issue.Strategy I: Apply correct recruitment strategy The key to reducing staff turnover starts with recruiting the most suitable employees for the positions available, emphasising the importance of identifying the correct fit.

Staff turnover and its effect on a hotel's financial performance

By Mariano Faz - Head of TFG Asset Management

A recently published white paper penned by TFG Asset Management revealed employee turnover in the UAE's hospitality industry measures approximately 25% - 30% per annum, which is a significant figure that can mainly be attributed to deteriorating staff loyalty.

Innovation Hub @ EAHM: Bringing research and educational benefits to hospitality stakeholders

By Sanjay Nadkarni - Director of Research & Innovation at Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management

An exciting project is underway at the Dubai-based Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, as a digital innovation hub is set up on campus to give technology vendors an opportunity to showcase new concepts and test ideas and applications.