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"Aside from skills relating to hygiene and perhaps even technology and hygiene, I believe the most important skill during this pandemic for housekeeping, but anyone for that matter, is resilience. To have resilience yourself, but also resilient leadership is vital to keep yourself, your department and your organisation going."

HVS COVID-19: Traveller and Hotel Guest Sentiment Findings Middle East

By Hala Matar Choufany

The current pandemic and unprecedented difficult times have so far dramatically impacted our lifestyle, be it how we work, travel, socialize, meet and greet, connect, etc. and it is only fair to assume that these forceful effects will remodel our behavior and attitude in the midterm and potentially forever.

COVID-19 “The Hefty Guest”

By Hala Matar Choufany

And… Suddenly, while we were projecting growth in the MEA region and applauding the ongoing efforts of governments in developing further the tourism infrastructure, improving accessibility, attracting local and foreign investments and easing off travel restrictions, we wake up to a new reality, a serious and destructive threat, and a force that is beyond imagination that will shape our future.

HVS COVID19 Middle East Update - Government Initiatives at a Glance

By Hala Matar Choufany and Irmak Sen

The tourism and hospitality sector that added joy and adventure to our travel experience, connected us globally and created working opportunities is now badly hurt and will take time to recover but the support from all stakeholders including governments, management companies, developers, owners, employers and employees has also been remarkable.

Do hospitality schools deliver the talent you are looking for today?

View by David Etmenan

"Just like any other field of expertise driven by digital advancement and altering customer demands, the contemporary hospitality sector finds itself in constant transition. In the past years, several parties – from industry experts to hospitality conglomerates - voiced their concerns about skills shortage and the alleged decreasing interest in hotel-related careers."