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Israel’s tech community steps forward as innovation hub for hotels

By Michael Frenkel

Israel has been touted as the "Start-up Nation," a moniker it's received due to its surfeit of companies listed on the NASDAQ. But only recently did its tech start-up community catch on to the need for innovation in the hotel space, and begin to tackle the industry's thorniest issues.

How will you be a global catalyst for change? - Carlson Rezidor| By Ramsay Rankoussi

By Ramsay Rankoussi

The ongoing digital revolution, emerging internet of things and advent of the sharing economy are having a profound effect on the way people do business across the world. It's high time they were seen as enablers, not disruptors, and hospitality investors, developers, owners and operators alike have the chance in 2017 to capitalise on these for future growth, profitability and success.

Innovation Hub @ EAHM: Bringing research and educational benefits to hospitality stakeholders

By Sanjay Nadkarni

An exciting project is underway at the Dubai-based Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, as a digital innovation hub is set up on campus to give technology vendors an opportunity to showcase new concepts and test ideas and applications.