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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Solve Major Deficiencies in Hospitality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can sift through and dynamically draw insights from mountains of data (operational, performance, guest, pricing, comp set, BI, marketing data, etc.) to allow hoteliers automate or augment operations, processes and decision making via various hospitality tech applications in guest services and operations, revenue management, CRM, guest communications, BI, digital marketing, personalization, inventory distribution, etc.

Is hotel metasearch a distribution or advertising channel?

View by Osvaldo Mauro

"In a nutshell: if you pay metasearch marketing in commissions as you do with OTAs, then they are almost the same thing. You can treat these as other distribution channels. Deep dive explanation:If nowadays we should play a Celebrity Deathmatch (an MTV stop-motion cartoon popular in the 90ties) of the hospitality distribution, it would be Commissions against Cost of Acquisition(CPA)." launches partnership to support Afghan refugees in Canada

Earlier this year, committed to provide temporary housing to 20,000 Afghan refugees worldwide. As thousands of Afghans continue to resettle in communities around the world, announced today it is partnering with Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) to support efforts across a national network of 34 resettlement agencies.

Waramaug Hospitality Announces Strategic Investment from HazelStream Capital

Waramaug Hospitality, a privately held investment firm focused on premium-branded select-service and full-service hotels, announced today an agreement for an investment in the company’s asset management platform, Waramaug Ventures, by an affiliate of HazelStream Capital, a private equity group focused on investments in the hospitality real estate and management services sectors.

"The glass ceiling in our industry depicts an overarching problem pan-regions, cultures and countries. Being a woman CEO in our industry, a space traditionally and predominantly occupied by male executives, for me, has not been a challenge but created an incredible opportunity to lead by example and to drive change."