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It's Budget Season. What are you doing about it?

By Robert E. Braun - Hotel Lawyer

Importance of budgetsIt's hard to overstate the importance of a budget in the relationship between a hotel manager and owner. The budget is the way that a manager describes, in black and white, how it plans to operate the owner's property; it is the document that translates operating standards into action, and how the owner can expect to profit from the manager's efforts.

Luxury Hospitality: Planting Stories Into Brains and Hearts

By Alexia Charoupa - Creator of The Storytelling Hotel

It is true that we are in love with stories. We are "storytelling animals" (Gottschall 2012) and it is our genetic, biological predisposition to create stories. It is in our human make-up.But what a story does-operationally,behaviorally and transactionally- and even more importantly, why is there our love-affair with stories in life and hospitality?In storytelling not only the Wernicke's area (language comprehension,the brain area that intakes information) and the Broca's area(language processing,the brain area that processes this information) are activated.