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Security Shortcomings Exposed By Las Vegas Massacre Prompt Sweeping Security Overhaul Discussions Among Hotels In The United States

By By Ikedi Onyemaobim - Labor & Employment Attorney at Stokes Wagner

An Innkeeper's Liability for Guest SafetyInnkeepers are obligated to exercise "reasonable care" for the safety of their guests. This duty of reasonable care requires vigilance in the protection of guests from foreseeable risks -- a duty that requires not only warning guests, but also adequately policing the hotel premises.

Research reported positive effects of Airbnb's price positioning on hotel performance

By Linchi Kwok - Associate Professor at The Collins College of Hospitality Management

Some of those findings are challenged by industry professionals on several grounds, including conflicts of interest involving room-sharing platforms in data analysis, methodology rigor as most of them were descriptive studies, and the oversight of some confounding factors, such as price comparison among Airbnb and hotels, which could cause bias in their estimations.

Hoteliers Take Note as Social Entertainment Venues Innovate

By Eric B. Hansen - Director of Development Services at Hotel & Leisure Advisors

Immersive EntertainmentA leading trend is the concept of immersive entertainment, which is built on a foundation of virtual reality (VR) technology. The cost of VR technology is relatively expensive, and the VR arcade concept was born to give the masses an opportunity to experience VR without having to invest in headsets, controllers, computer upgrades, etc.

Winning the Numbers Game

By Kristi White - Vice President, Deployment at Rainmaker

What is Hotel Revenue Management?In the highly competitive hospitality industry, it is critical to assemble as much information as possible to make educated decisions: enter revenue management. Using the basic principles of supply and demand economics, hoteliers can optimize revenue by strategically managing a property's room inventory, pricing and distribution.