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Guest Privacy - It's Your Business

By Robert E. Braun - Bob Braun is a Senior Member of JMBM's Global Hospitality Group(r)

That obligation has become increasingly complex due both to the vulnerability of hotel companies to breach, and the enactment of laws and regulations, worldwide, that impose additional burdens on hotels - the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, California's Consumer Privacy Act, as well as industry developments have further heightened the concerns with guest privacy and securityThis focus must be seen in the context of two key issues: first, that hotels collect large amounts of data from their guests, both directly and through third parties; and second, that the hospitality industry has a checkered track record in protecting personal information.

Making Smarter Decisions with Hotel Business Intelligence

By Jeff Zabin - Research Director at Starfleet Research

The following is a brief excerpt from the new Starfleet Research study "How to Leverage Business Intelligence to Improve Hotel Performance," which is currently available for complimentary access. The research findings featured in the study are derived from surveys conducted earlier this year with more than 250 hotel executives and qualified staff.

The Canary in the NOI Mine Is Getting Sick

By Steve Van - President & CEO, Prism Hotels & Resorts

Industry experts have been wondering when the industry bubble is going to burst. Well, the reality is, the long anticipated net operating income recession is nigh upon us.Like the historic canary in the coal mine as an early warning of danger, hotel owners have been looking for an indicator of when the next recession will cut into their profitability.

Late Cycle Supply Sources of the Occupancy Gap By Bram Gallagher

By Bram Gallagher - Economist at CBRE Hotels' Americas Research

These cycles, occurring from August 1992 to November 2002 and November 2002 to May 2010, lasted approximately ten and eight years, respectively. Well into the ninth year of its current cycle, we would expect that the hotel market would be showing the tell-tale occupancy and rate growth pattern seen in previous late-cycle periods; however, rather than driving RevPAR, real ADR (RADR) is barely moving nationally.