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The Roger Smith Hotel and the New Working-from-a-Hotel Model

By Larry Mogelonsky

Who is Roger Smith? As the hotel's Director of Marketing and Co-Owner, John Knowles, jocularly explained during our time together, the enigmatic 'Roger' is many things to many people. The personified alias that has given this Midtown Manhattan property its name has always represented a place where great ideas are born and where bold actions are made reality.

Through August, Greater Boston Lodging Market Ranks as the Hardest Hit by Pandemic

By Sebastian Colella

The Greater Boston market has experienced a 71% decline in room revenue through August when compared to the same time last year, the largest decline of all top-25 markets according to STR. Hotels in Boston and Cambridge, as well as those in the Greater Boston area, began to feel the effects of the ongoing pandemic in early March, before many markets around the country.

From Ritz-Carlton to Healthcare: Hotels Bridging Healthcare (H2H) for New Career Opportunities

By Fred DeMicco

As more health care facilities grow to become "medical campuses" and medical meccas for care, they emulate hotels in their quality and delivery of health and wellness (H2H) services. Many build hotels or have partner hotels for medical guests and tourists on their health campuses.

Running out of energy: An underestimated threat to a "people's business"?

View by Johanna Wagner

"Part of the mental balance brought by our professional activities is based on our feelings of contribution and progression, which seem to be two axes that companies can continue to foster. A time of low (no) activity can be an opportunity to organize special theme committees to contribute to the company's improvement and resilience."