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W Gramado

Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAR) today announced that it has signed an agreement with KJP Participaçoes LTD to bring the W Hotels brand to Gramado, a mountain resort town in the Brazil's southernmost state, Rio Grande do Sul.

In Step: Owners and Operators moving forward, together (or not)

The Current COVID-19 crisis has put incredible strains on hotel owners, operators and managers. Steps to alleviate the current pain points are well noted - fee reductions/deferrals, closing of properties, reduced staffing and services - but these are likely not sustainable over a long period.

The Future of Sustainability Certification: Micro-Certification?

View by Maribel Esparcia Pérez

"As legislation evolves, current certification schemes might be ineffective or become obsolete in upcoming months, especially in European countries. Further regulations for hotel building and operations have more chances to be a catalyst for change than some of the existing certification schemes."

Does the post-COVID era require a different skillset from housekeepers?

The prominence of the housekeeping function has seen a revival in recent years. While its contribution was underappreciated for many decades, there has been a recent awakening to the department's significant impact on shaping the guest experience and the positive impact a well-managed team can have on the hotel's bottom line.

South American tourism impacted by loss of US spending, yet growth is identifiable, says GlobalData

US spending into South America is forecast to drop by 44.4% between 2020 and 2021 as travel restrictions due to COVID-19 have stymied visitor flows. Having featured in the top ten international arrivals in all the five major economies across South America in 2019, the reduction of this source of market will be detrimental for the travel sector.

"In the face of COVID-19, it seems that housekeeping professionals are required to (re-)activate their skill set; which already includes the management of complex projects. For the seasoned housekeeping professional managing the complex task of ensuring cleanliness, hygiene, and COVID-19 safety for guests and staff, is most likely not an issue."