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The Impact Of COVID-19 In The Hotel Industry – Brazil Overview

By Felipe Touro

In view of the advancing Coronavirus over the past few days, the economic impact starts to deepen and takes bigger steps around the world, mainly reflected by issues due to the drop in consumption and production, the stock market and supply chains, and this serves as a wake-up call for all the world even for those powerful countries in the European Union as a possible economic recession is looming.

"For the hospitality industry to come out of the havoc, we all need to focus on building Ecosystems grounded on sustainable supply chains with scale, as well as create elaborative business models across the larger value chain and through strategic partnerships locally and with international entities."

The Staff Of Nizuc Resort Cancun Clearly Understands Where True Hospitality Starts – The Human Heart

By Doug Kennedy

As a hotel industry sales and guest services trainer, on average I experience six or more hotel stays each month. Although I have clients across all segments of lodging, many of my clients are in the ultra-luxury five star or five diamond categories.