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Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats work with any room that uses remote or wall thermostats. They monitor temperature, humidity, and dew point to automate the temperature in unoccupied rooms to save energy. The smart thermostats can be controlled remotely via the SensorFlow dashboard.

Zaplox Kiosk

Zaplox Kiosk offers an alternative way for hotels to reshape the check-in experience. Instead of waiting in line at the front desk, guests can now conveniently check-in and print their own key cards by using the Zaplox self-service kiosk – with 24 hours availability.

Zaplox Premium

Zaplox Premium provides everything your hotel needs to deliver the ultimate mobile guest journey with mobile check-in/checkout and mobile keys—in one seamless, custom branded app that is fully integrated with the leading PMS and lock systems.