WHAT: Informational Panty Distribution and Street Fashion Show
WHO: Congress Hotel Strikers & Supporters
WHERE:Outsid e Marshall Field's, 111 N. State Street
WHEN: Friday, November 28 at 12 noon

On the biggest shopping day of the year, striking workers from the Congress Plaza Hotel will take to the street to alert shoppers to the connection between popular clothing maker Liz Claiborne and the Congress Plaza Hotel.

Striking workers, members of the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees (HERE) Local 1, will hold up a giant panty-shaped banner, distribute informational panty-shaped leaflets and stage a street "fashion show" in front of Marshall Field's flagship store in downtown Chicago.

In June, Liz Claiborne signed a licensing agreement with a partnership called Chelsea Design to manufacture the Liz Claiborne line of intimate apparel. Albert Nasser, a key investor in the Congress Hotel, is also the chairman of Gelmart Industries, a manufacturer of intimate apparel and a partner in Chelsea Design.

"We think holiday shoppers should know who will be making their underwear," says Clare Fauke, HERE Local 1 spokesperson. "If Albert Nasser makes underwear like he runs the Congress Hotel, Liz Claiborne customers should think twice."

Congress Hotel workers went on strike on June 15, after hotel management unilaterally slashed wages, health insurance and other benefits. Since the strike, hundreds of customers have complained of poor customer service and health and safety violations.

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