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Editorial Article12 February 2004

World's Largest Chocolate 'Valentine' Heart Displayed By Conrad Bangkok

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Conrad Bangkok has created "The World's Largest Chocolate Heart" made from the finest quality cocoa beans in the world. It is approximately 922 kilograms in weight, 5 metres in height and 5 metres in width. Made in over 21 days with a team of 8 people working around the clock, the chocolate heart is a creation of Conrad's Executive Pastry Chef Gregor Pfaff, his team and Conrad's Engineering Department. The melted chocolate was carefully layered by hand on 28 pieces of (Styrofoam) mold formed into a heart shape model. The thickness of the chocolate layers around the heart varies from 20 to 25 centimetres.


The idea of constructing the World's Largest Chocolate Heart stems from the planning sessions between Conrad Bangkok and All Seasons Place to make this Valentine's Day stand out like no other place in Bangkok! Made of edible chocolate, the total weight of chocolate used in constructing the heart is 1100 kilograms. Only the highest grade of quality chocolate was the main ingredient, consisting of 72% cocoa content, made form cocoa beans from Trinidad, Tobago and Maraca Ibo, Venezuela.

Conrad Hotels is the luxury name of the Hilton family of brands. It is a joint venture equally owned by Hilton Hotels Corporation and Hilton International. With award-winning properties in the US, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Egypt, Turkey, Bali (Indonesia), Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Uruguay, Conrad has 18 luxury business and resort and spa hotels in exotic and cosmopolitan destinations around the world.

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