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Supplier News10 August 2004

Visual One Systems to hold annual Users Conference at the Pinehurst Resort

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Visual One Systems

ROCKVILLE, MD (USA) -- Visual One Systems Corporation, a supplier of management software to the hospitality industry since 1977, is holding their annual Users Conference at the Pinehurst Resort, September 14-17, 2004.

For three days Visual One clients, from around the world, will learn about new features that have been added to the software solutions they have at their own properties, and they will participate in giving Visual One new ideas on product improvements. The clients will also enjoy the beautiful setting of the World’s Largest Golf Resort, which uses Visual One’s Property Management, Retail, Resort Transportation, and Golf systems.

"Pinehurst is one of our most active clients,” says Dave Burroughs, President of Visual One Systems. “I believe that they try to get the most out of our products. They really take advantage of the integration between our different systems to help provide their guests with the ultimate service and experience one expects to receive at such an amazing resort.

I think that all our clients will enjoy being at Pinehurst this year, and we hope they will learn many new things about the systems they use every day. It is also very nice to be able to give business back to one of our clients with this event, and hope we can continue to do so with many of our other client properties in years to come.”

“We at Pinehurst are delighted that our property was chosen to host Visual One’s 2004 Users Conference”, says Michael Schubach, Vice President of Resort Technology for ClubResorts. “We look forward to helping make the 2004 Visual One Users Conference a unique educational experience in an unforgettable historical setting. Visual One’s customer list has grown to include some of the most prestigious full-service clubs, resorts and golf facilities in the country, and we look forward to the opportunity of showing our colleagues the environment that makes Pinehurst the quintessential American golf experience. Having the conference here just months before the world visits for the 2005 U.S. Open Golf championship is a rare experience, and the icing on the cake.

Although we’ll always be about great golf, Pinehurst has a lot to offer our non-golfing guests. We can’t wait for the Visual One users to be able to visit our spa and our marina, and to experience the delightful touches of southern charm and hospitality that are the signature of our resort, our village, and our way of life”.

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