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Supplier News 4 March 2008

One of Florida’s Largest Resorts Applies Artificial Intelligence Technology to Reduce Labor Cost

2,300-unit Orange Lake Orlando Resort implements Carnus System’s patent-pending Artificial Intelligence technology to automate entire F&B demand forecasting and labor scheduling process

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Carnus Systems

The Family of Orange Lake Resorts announced their selection of the Carnus Forecaster™ & AI Scheduler™ to automate their Orlando resort’s entire F&B forecasting and scheduling process. Originally conceived by Holiday Inn founder Kemmons Wilson, Orange Lake Orlando is one of the largest timeshare properties ever to be developed with 2,300-units, 7 restaurants and 4 golf courses. After struggling with complex demand patterns ranging from 3,000 to 11,000 visitors on property at any given time, Orange Lake executives looked to Carnus Systems and their pioneering forecasting and labor management technology. While other solutions may exist in the marketplace to help with labor scheduling, Carnus is the first and only company to offer automated and highly accurate F&B demand-forecasting technology which addresses not only the most widespread challenge in the hospitality industry, but also the most critical component to workforce optimization.

Parag Athavale, Director of F&B at the Orange Lake Orlando Resort, said, “The goal of working with Carnus Systems is to help forecast business demand, particularly in sit-down restaurants and possibly golf courses. Currently we rely only on the gut instinct of managers, but we wish to reduce overstaffing using their Artificial Intelligence technology.” By implementing the Carnus Forecaster™ & AI Scheduler™, the resort will no longer rely on gut instinct or piles of paperwork for forecasting and scheduling. Instead, it will become 100% automated with Carnus’ Artificial Intelligence brain, requiring managers to simply log on to a secured website to access “on-the-fly” weekly forecasts and schedules with the touch of a button.

One of Orange Lake’s other favorite features of this highly advanced but incredibly user friendly technology is a real-time property alert which notifies a departmental manager whenever employee vacations or preferences could create a shortage of staff in upcoming weeks, giving the manager ample time to adjust individual schedules in advance to avoid conflicts. Carnus technology is also a 100% web-based, annual subscription service which means no software or hardware purchase was required on the part of Orange Lake; management can access their forecasts and schedules using any internet connection.

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