ICE Mobile — Photo by Intelity

Intelity's Interactive Customer Experience(ICE), an innovative guest service solution and back-end monitoring system, has launched its latest phase of interactive development with ICE Mobile. Now featuring full smartphone capabilities, ICE Mobile offers all the integral components of ICE as an application for iPhones and Blackberries that can be downloaded from their respective app stores. From ordering room service and selecting the latest Video on Demand program to scheduling a night out on the town with a car service and finding the perfect babysitter, ICE has all the elements needed for a relaxing evening in or an adventurous night out. Guests now have the comfort of requesting different amenities and services while on the go, such as ordering room service from their smartphone while relaxing by the pool to have a meal waiting in the room upon return.

"The fully customizable application can be downloaded at no cost to the guest while visiting a property that carries the ICE software," explains David Adelson, founder and CEO of Intelity. "ICE Mobile is an attractive and affordable way for our hotel partners to grow their guest technologies while addressing their operational needs in today's economic environment."

The revolutionary new mobile solution is fully customizable to each property and pulls all of the existing hotel systems together. ICE Mobile offers a seamless transition between the outside world and the needs of the everyday traveler all in real-time with the latest options for shopping, dinning, and guest services. To maximize each visit, guests can choose from a wide range of customizable services. Beyond the in-room compendium components, ICE schedules activities, including spa treatments and dinner reservations, arranges services, such as room service and valet, and allows users to customize their language preference so all guests benefit from this solution, no matter what country they call home.

The proven success of ICE at top hotels, such as the Eliot Hotel in Boston, paves the way for the ICE Mobile rollout at a time when consumers expect the highest level of guest service possible. With the ICE operating system, the 95-room luxury hotel has seen an immediate positive impact with increased in-room dining check totals, Internet revenue, room service orders, and overall customer satisfaction. The renowned hotel has seen a dramatic return on investment and more than 50,000 toucheswith an average of 85 percent of guests using ICE.

For a live demo and more information on Intelity's ICE, visit . Interested hoteliers and timeshare managers can call toll free 1-888-REV PAR 1 to speak with an ICE hospitality expert for more information.

Andrea Moreno
The Zimmerman Agency