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Hotels Run Cost Effectively, Run Green and Run Revenues with Mobile Apps via runtriz™

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Malibu Beach Inn increases roomservice revenues by 25 percent via runtriz™ as guests order directly from the restaurant menu via their personal mobile device; Hotel 32 atop the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas provides its guests with a hotel branded iPhone at check in to promote its onsite services and make each guest feel like a VIP

Mobile technology represents a new platform for travel commerce. In 2008, worldwide mobile phone ownership surpassed 4 billion with another billion expected over the next few years. For the global hospitality market, this means many travelers will access the Web primarily through their mobile device, rather than a PC. runtriz™, a Los Angeles-based global hospitality network, has developed a product called Hotel Evolution that enables hoteliers to serve up a variety of directory services and amenities to the guest’s mobile device. With just a touch, guests can set a wake-up call, order roomservice, request luggage pick-up, purchase show tickets, make dinner reservations and more.

“Seven in 10 frequent business travelers are now carrying smart devices – whether its an iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, G1, or Palm Pre,” said Matthew Allard, founder and President of runtriz™. “Therefore, it truly benefits the hotel to make its services available via the guests’ mobile device. Not only is the traveler extremely comfortable with using it – he or she usually has it on their person at all times, on or off property. With Hotel Evolution, that mobile device has become a direct communications link between the hotel and the guest.”

According to the recent PhoCusWright report “Mobile: the Next Platform for Travel” 77% of frequent business travelers with Web-enabled mobile devices have used the mobile Web to find local services and attractions. Consumers with these newer mobile devices are now ready for advanced travel functionality. It is projected that U.S. mobile bookings will reach $160 million in 2010; there exists a vast potential for growth for mobile applications that empower mobile travelers, improve travel efficiency and build ancillary revenue.

Running on Triz

“Triz” (Teoriya Resheniya Izobretatelskikh Zadatch) is a Russian acronym meaning "The theory of inventive problem solving" And problem solving is exactly what Hotel Evolution is providing to hoteliers and guests. As guests check into a hotel, they are asked if they have Web-based mobile device. If they do, the hotel staff will provide a link to load the runtriz™ Hotel Evolution web application onto their personal device. If they don't, the guest is offered an iPod Touch (with the application pre-loaded) to keep for the duration of their stay. And, each unit is covered with a protective skin that is specifically branded for the hotel.

“The enhanced experience begins when a guest taps an icon on his or her Hotel Evolution enabled mobile device to make a special request,” said Matthew Allard, founder and president of runtriz™. “Typically these services are marketed to guests via printed in-room materials such as directories or table tent cards. But as all hoteliers look for ways to save on costs, and with the proliferation of electronic media growing so rapidly, it just makes sense to place the hotel’s services, as well as entertainment offerings in the local area, at the guests fingertips.”

The Malibu Beach Inn in California has been using Hotel Evolution since October 2008. During the first 120 days of using Hotel Evolution, the hotel’s RevPAR dramatically increased.

“Runtriz has helped us reach a new demographic of savvy travelers,” said Alan Goldschneider, Malibu Beach Inn General Manager. “Roomservice orders have risen 25 percent with an increase of average cover spend of $15. Likewise the average number of Gift Boutique purchases has risen over 30 percent. Our guests are amazed at the ease of use and the sophistication of the design, and we are amazed with how quickly we have impacted our bottom line and enhanced guest service.”

Within the first six months, Hotel Evolution received more than 20,550 touches to services at The Malibu Beach Inn.

Betting on Success

Located on the top floor of the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is HOTEL32, an exclusive boutique hotel designed for savvy travelers that features 50 studios and suites. According to Patrick Miller, Monte Carlo VP of Operations, Hotel Evolution from runtriz is “technology on the forefront that is simple to use on any mobile device.”

Hotel Evolution – or the Hotel32 Personal Assistant as we call it – is a proven tool to increase sales and get customers more involved with our property,” Miller said. “It enables us to incorporate all the amenities and services we offered previously in our guest-service directory, but now offer in a small handheld device. Because we purchased enough units for every guest to use, we feel comfortable in our ability to make changes to services quickly – whether its an update to the restaurant menu or to promotion a daily event – because it is done electronically. And, as we are part of the MGM/Mirage family of hotels, we can incorporate all information on our sister properties as well. Anything you need in Las Vegas can be acquired through this Personal Assistant. It’s truly a first in Las Vegas and only available through runtriz™.”

For a video link to see runtriz™ in use at the Hotel 32, click on:

Hotel Evolution from runtriz™ provides a simple and cost-effective way to:

  • run incremental revenues via sales of in-room items and hotel merchandise
  • run cost effectively – it only requires Wi-Fi and an Internet connection. There is zero hardware installation and no expensive wiring involved
  • run reports – all touches, purchases and actions are tracked and turned into reports. runtriz™ is able to extract valuable information for your business about guest preferences and trends
  • run your brand – runtriz™ is custom branded to reflect the identity and brand of each property. Hotels decide on the elements of runtriz™ and other features can be easily added to provide anything you offer your guests
  • run green – runtriz™ is completely eco-friendly, eliminating the need to reprint menus, brochures, booklets, in-room tent cards, hotel and property directories and other collateral

“runtriz™ is taking guest-service automation to a new level of excellence,” Allard said. “It’s the preferred technology platform by today’s savvy travelers, and it delivers information about your hotel via a medium that guests are familiar with and frequently use. There is no better way to promote a hotel’s services and amenities than with Hotel Evolution.”

About runtriz™ | runtriz™ is the premier Los Angeles-based global hospitality network specializing in mobile solutions for innovative hospitality brands. The firm has developed cutting edge interactive applications that allow their partners to provide customers with unparalleled service. The brand’s portfolio of services, including the highly lauded Hotel Evolution application, puts consumers back at the center of the value proposition by placing retail, hospitality and residential services in the palm of their hands. For more information, visit

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