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External Article21 December 2009

Digital Strategy

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David Atkins

This article introduces concepts that can maximize your digital realities. This is the first in a series of articles aimed to align your digital plans and strategies with your business objectives. Your business is rapidly and radically evolving, effective digital strategy is critical to thriving in difficult economic conditions. Digital is at the heart much of this shift, yet some do not embrace this shift, there are still executives who use the terms, that’s Internet land or Web sites are e-commerce. The reality is that all of our channels, media, messages, teams and systems need to be aligned around a new digital reality, one that puts the customers in control of everything (even your brand). Organizations that limit access to various digital, Web or mobile platforms from work, limit their team’s ability to monitor, learn and act like a customer. Set up rules and enforce them but do not limit access. Digital is part of everyone’s job and is fundamental to sales, marketing, operations, customer service, revenue management and distribution.

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