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Supplier News13 August 2010

Knowland Revolutionizes Hotel Reader Board Service - Again

Redesigned Platform Weaves Client Experience with Industry Innovation

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The Knowland Group

The Knowland Group, a leading provider of business development solutions for the hospitality industry, this week launched a brand new version of their revolutionary field research service. This upgrade of Readers is part of the company's continuing commitment to make enhancing client value the number one priority. By maximizing functionality and usability, Knowland has once again made the world's first online reader board service even better.


"With this new Readers, we have created a product that is more user-friendly, easier to navigate, and allows hotel sales teams to effortlessly find targeted business," said Knowland Chief Learning Officer Bill Cushard.

Readers' new platform incorporates an engaging new look with several exciting new features. The tab-centric design gives clients quick and easy access to all the tools and information they need from one central page. A new search feature makes finding and assigning key accounts a simple process. These and dozens of other enhancements transform the way hotel sales managers engage in proactive sales. The new Readers means better business development and increased group sales for every client.

"This latest version of Readers is all about Knowland's commitment to adding value for our clients above all else," said Knowland CEO Mike McKean. "By continually challenging ourselves to improve and adapt, we are able to provide clients with consistently superior products."

For a look at the new Readers in action, check out exclusive videos on Youtube and Facebook.

About The Knowland Group

The Knowland Group is a proven innovator, developing intuitive marketing products and services that streamline and support event and group sales in the hospitality industry. The company, headquartered in McLean, VA, serves over 2,000 hotel clients and 17,000 users globally. Recently featured on the Inc. Fast 500 List, The Knowland Group is the second fastest growing company in the travel industry. For more information, visit, call 410-860-2270 or follow us on Twitter @knowlandgroup.

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