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External Article21 September 2010

Holiday Inn trying to relaunch tired brand

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In 1986, Holiday Inn told us, "We want you back." In 1997, they said, "We're making every Holiday Inn hotel as good as the best Holiday Inn hotel." And in 2006, they asked us to "Look again." But surveyed customers said the only things they saw when they looked again were the same tired carpets, chintzy floral bedspreads and rooms just off the highway. Today, Holiday Inn is trying, again, to change. By the end of this year, franchisees who haven't signed on to a billion-dollar overhaul that began in October 2007 will no longer be able to call their hotels Holiday Inns. The relaunch — new signs, business traveler-friendly rooms, comfy bedding and a new customer service philosophy — seeks to do what previous efforts could not: Bring consistency to one of the world's largest and oldest franchised hotel brands.

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