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Press Release22 September 2010

Heal & Partners Launches New Mid-scale Hotel Brand

The first Spirit Inn & Suites will make its debut in Zaandam, just north of Amsterdam in January 2011

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Spirit Inn & Suites

Gland (CH) / Alkmaar (NL) -- Today it was announced by HEAL & Partners, that a new “mid-scale” hotel brand was unveiled, called Spirit Inn & Suites. The concept of Spirit Inn & Suites is all about the guests “living” their hotel during their stay. They can freely move within the hotel, from the privacy of their room or extended stay suite, to the Spirit Café – Restaurant & Lounge, where they can have an espresso or a Latte Macchiato from the Spirit Barristo or a session in the business lounge. The Spirit Inn & Suites will consist out of 80 % regular rooms and 20 % so called “extended stay suites”.


For the meeting and training guests, the Spirit Inn is offering The BOX meetings & Events. The restaurant is branded: Spirit Café - Restaurant & Lounge and will offer approximately 80 seats. The menu will be composed out of healthy salads, soups, pizza’s, pasta and of course the Spirit Burger! Popular wines from the Spirit Vino counter will accompany the dishes.

The Spirit Inn & Suites also avails over “The Shop” warranting the availability of drinks and snacks during out of Business hours.

The total overview of the facilities and services are as following:

  • 80 % regular rooms and 20 % extended stay suites
  • The Spirit Café – Restaurant & Lounge
  • The BOX – Meetings and Events
  • Complimentary High Speed Internet Access
  • Complimentary secure printing
  • 24-hour Business Lounge
  • The Shop store
  • In-room television and movie theatre
  • The Spirit – jogging trail

The concept has been developed and is owned by HEAL & Partners Sàrl, a Swiss hotel services and management company, based in Gland, Switzerland. All Spirit Inns are associated with Swiss International Hotels, hotel marketing- and reservations consortium, which was first established in 1980. Both HEAL & Partners and Swiss International Hotels are part of Swiss International Hospitality Commons.

Hans Kennedie, the company’s Managing Director adds: “from many sides we heard the remark that it was time for new brand in the mid-market segment. A product where the guest is truly at home, where the guest will move about freely, ordering what and when he or she wants it. That’s exactly what we have combined in the mix of Spirit Inn”. The first Spirit Inn & Suites will be opened in Zaandam (, adjacent to the main railway station, a mere 9 minutes away from Amsterdam’s city centre.

The 102 rooms and extended stay suites counting hotel is scheduled to open on the 1st of January of the New Year 2011. The building was previously an office building of KPN, was completely re-configured as a Spirit Inn & Suites. The total renovation construction of the former office block started in March of this year and when finished will have taken 9 months.

The owning and developer of the building is the company Trinca BV. Its Managing Director Arend-Klaas Kramer contributes: “we bought the building in 2009, with a view to turn it into a hotel. We knew that the region has been coping with a structural shortage of rooms. Even despite the economic downturn, the region has a need for additional rooms, just as the city of Amsterdam in the mid term. Our choice for Spirit Inn was exactly to what Hans Kennedie mentioned; the business needs a positive change with a re-freshing new product. We knew Hans Kennedie and his team since a couple of years and we know the Spirit Inn product is containing all the right ingredients for Zaandam”.

The construction work is done by A3Hoogland from Eemnes () and the commercial support is rendered by Janneke Nijenhuis from Hands-on Advies ().

Further expansion of Spirit Inn & Suites is planned in The Netherlands, the United

Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland.

About Swiss International Hospitality Commons

The Company is consisting out of the Swiss International Hotels company and HEAL & Partners. Today the Swiss International Hotels is a group of nearly 50 hotels in 5 different countries, enjoying the benefits of sales, marketing and reservations. HEAL & Partners is a services company to the hotel world, active in business development, electronic distribution, sales- and marketing support, human resources, interior design consulting and hotel management services. The corporate offices will be at the current addresses in Zurich and Gland in Switzerland.

About Swiss International Hotels

Swiss International Hotels () was founded in 1980 by a Swiss hotelier. From the very beginning the organization’s aim has been to make available sales and marketing services for up-market hotels world-wide via a uniform platform providing efficient group presentation. The common denominator of these hotels is their already existing Swiss connections and their business engagement.

Today, Swiss International Hotels represents about 50 members world-wide and continues to expand. The activity plan includes the portfolio's growth by representative hotels and resorts with high quality standards in key destinations, in particular in Europe, in the Middle East and in North America.

Swiss International Hotels is a leading sales, marketing and communications platform within the first-class and luxury hotel sector. Furthermore individual hotels are able to appear under a well-known brand name. Swiss International Hotels stands for a successful combination of innovation and Swiss hospitality tradition.

Swiss International represents hotels that belong to the very best in their category or destination. They share our values and are characterized by the Swiss way of business. Warm heartedness, attentiveness, authenticity, exceptional quality, international flair, luxury, competence, cleanliness and efficiency belong among other things to these values. As service provider we subject ourselves to the same high standards and strive continually for that “Swiss quality”.

Swiss International Hotels develop tailor-made solutions which enable the associated hotels to identify guests' needs ahead of time and to offer a unique experience at each and every stay.

Swiss International Hotels is continually expanding its expertise and exchange platform in order to provide competencies to the partner hotels, such as offering access to new markets and highlighting specific new business possibilities.

About Heal and Partners

HEAL & Partners () is a Swiss (Gland) based hospitality advisory firm, specializing on strategic issues, such as branding, distribution, e-commerce, human capital, interior design, public relations and project management. Also Organization & Finances is an area where HEAL & Partners are taking pride in offering its services. The company is built around a number of executives who have gained experience in their respective fields in the international hotel industry.

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