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Supplier News29 September 2010

Atrium Innovation Releases The Cleanaer Concierge Air Quality Solution For Hotels

Creating the world's freshest hotel rooms

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Cleanaer by  Atrium Innovation

Cleanaer™ by Atrium Innovation announces the official release of Cleanaer Concierge -- an air quality solution designed specifically for hotels. Cleanaer Concierge utilizes a unique science to create "the world's freshest hotel rooms" by providing the ultimate feeling of luxury in every breath guests take.


Feedback from trials in two major international hotel groups indicates Cleanaer Concierge is successfully eliminating malodours, including smells from cigarette smoke, and improving air quality in their rooms.

Until they became aware of Cleanaer™, hotel management had unsuccessfully tried many air treatment solutions to solve the odour problem that was upsetting their guests and risking damage to their reputation as highly regarded establishments. Fragrance products failed to eliminate the odours, and actually increased the problem in some cases; while ozone-creating cleaning devices only resolved the issue temporarily but also increased service cycles and reduced room availability.

Finally, this summer, the hotels discovered Cleanaer™.

During an initial trial Cleanaer Concierge units were placed in the affected rooms and corridors. Within a few hours of installation the odour problem reduced and after a few days the affected areas smelled as if there had never been an issue. Cleanaer™ also helped remove cooking smells emanating from some large family suites. Soon guests stopped complaining about the unpleasant odours, complimenting the hotel on the pleasant fragrance throughout the corridors instead.

They are now using Cleanaer™ units for all their corridors and any rooms with odour problems. The management is also recommending Cleanaer™ to other members in their group.

Using Cleanaer Concierge can greatly reduce cleaning times, allowing for faster room turnaround times, increased room availability and greater customer satisfaction. Alan Jones, CEO of Atrium Innovation states, "Cleanaer Concierge can add considerable value to a hotel's offering as a marketing tool and can even reduce allergens, while reducing odour-related problems. Using Cleanaer Concierge improves hotel guests' experience, encouraging them to return again and again". He adds, "we are now announcing Cleanaer Concierge to the world so that all hotel chains can share this unique technology and their guests can experience fresh, clean air indoors."

Cleanaer Concierge air purifiers utilize a science that treats the air by patrolling against unpleasant odours, bacteria and even allergens as they float around a room. Cleanaer™ units operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to maintain a mountain-fresh feeling of purity in the air, providing the ultimate luxury in air quality for hotel guests. Cleanaer Concierge is available with a choice of fresh scents or with a signature aroma designed specifically for an individual hotel or hotel group.

Hoteliers who are interested in experiencing the benefits of Cleanaer Concierge for themselves and their guests can contact Cleanaer™ at their head office in the UK on +44 (0)1491 838 326, email [email protected] or visit to arrange a trial.

How Cleanaer
™ technology works

Cleanaer™ technology protects the air by releasing partially charged droplets called Liquid-ions which attach to contaminants in the air. The Liquid-ions combine with these unwanted particles, removing them from the air by bringing them to the surface and rendering them inactive.

Other advantages of Cleanaer
™ devices

Cleanaer™ technology is unique in its abilities. It offers a one-stop solution for both odour-control and the reduction of airborne contaminants.

All Cleanaer™ devices are small, battery-operated so they are easy to maintain, easy to install and operate and completely silent. They provide continuous whole-room protection, can eliminate malodours and are available in four fragrances. The devices are up and running within seconds.

About Atrium Innovation Ltd | Atrium Innovation Ltd, an Affiliate of Sumitomo Chemical Company, holds a portfolio of patented technologies in the field of electrostatics. Cleanaer™ is Atrium's range of powerful electrostatic air-purification devices that clean and sanitise the air while removing odours and allergens.

Rigorous scientific tests have already demonstrated that Cleanaer™ Anti-Viral solution kills 99.99% of flu viruses and more testing is in progress to determine its effects on bacteria and other harmful viruses.


Gina Balarin
Marketing Communications Manager, Atrium Innovation Limited
+44 (0)1491 822 726
[email protected]