runtriz™ launches the hotel industry’s most flexible and customizable mobile app platform completely branded for each hotel’s unique identity and guest experience — Photo by runtriz™

Los Angeles – runtriz™ introduces to hoteliers its next-generation mobile hospitality platform offering the industry’s leading design capabilities and dynamic content-management system. The solution is on display this week at the Hotel Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC) in Booth 1835 at the Austin (Texas) Convention Center.

The runtriz™ Hotel Evolution platform offers hotel guests access to all property services at their fingertips via any device – smartphone, tablet or laptop – anytime, anywhere, and pre- or post check in. For hotel staff, it enables them to communicate with their guests more efficiently and effectively than ever before, plus capture key data to drive a richer guest experience and significant, incremental revenues.

"At runtriz™, we believe that because each hotel is unique, each hotel app should be too," said Matt Allard, runtriz™ Founder and CEO. "Although providing 'consistency' in service is key across all hotels within an enterprise, it is highly likely that not every single service is identical to the next – especially when hotels adapt the local culture into their design and amenities, and restaurants also serve up specialty food-and-beverage items that are conducive to the region or hotel environment.

"If a hotel has partnered with a company that uses a standardized template to host its services and amenities offerings, quite a bit of the hotel's personal flavor may become diluted in the mobile marketing effort," he said. "runtriz™, through its customized content-management system, makes it possible to list even the most minuscule service, and differentiate between offering 'bottled water' and 'Voss' or house 'Wine by the Glass' and uploading the hotel's entire 'Wine List.'"

Technology independent

Allard also advised that hoteliers should look for a guest-services partner that makes its content fully interoperable with all phones and tablets. The entire world, he said, does not operate within the Apple environment. Regardless the type of mobile device a guest is using, whether it's the iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other, all guests should be able to immediately download a hotel's app and access its services and amenities.

"runtriz™ is supportive of all technology," Allard said. "We understand that not everyone will own an iPad. Some may opt for the new Blackberry Playbook, the Dell Streak or the Motorola Zoom – and that's OK with us. As new tablets and new platforms are released, runtriz™ customers can rest easy knowing that any guests' mobile device will be compatible."

Just as runtriz™ is compatible with all technology, Allard said hoteliers must also make their services and amenities apps compatible with the needs of their in-house groups.

"When it comes to hotel apps, 'one size does NOT fit all' – nor does one template," Allard said. "What that means is, not every group at your hotel has the same needs. You wouldn't send a text message to members of a 'Surviving Divorce & Separation' group offering discounts on a 'Couple's Massage' or promote the hotel's 'Drink of the Day' to guests attending an 'AA' convention. You could, however, send a customized text message offering discounts on a personal stress-relieving massage or one that offers the day's non-alcoholic drink specials, respectively. runtriz™ is so flexible that it enables our customers to target their hotel apps to such a level that they can offer different promotions to an unlimited number of groups to add even more personalized service and brand differentiation. The key is building in the functionality that enables hoteliers to manage their content and customize promotions accordingly."

Finally, due to runtriz’s™ ability to link and interact with a mobile device's GPS, the Hotel Evolution platform can generate reports for hotel owners and managers that not only detail who is making a request, what type of request was made, when the request was submitted and service delivered, but also from where the request came.

"A little intelligence goes a long way," Allard said. "Knowing that there is peak demand on Tuesdays for airport transportation from arriving guests or a higher number of requests on Friday afternoons for cocktails poolside help managers to better schedule their staff and meet that demand for improved guest service. These types of intelligence-gathering reports are what separate runtriz™."

HITEC attendees are encouraged to stop by the runtriz™ Booth No. 1835 to learn more about runtriz’s™ Hotel Evolution. To pre-schedule an appointment at the premier hotel technology event, call Chad Fisher at (323) 230-9727.

For more information on the products and services runtriz™ offers, please visit its website at .

About runtriz™

runtriz™ is the premier Los Angeles-based global hospitality network specializing in mobile solutions for innovative hospitality brands. The firm has developed cutting edge interactive applications that allow their partners to provide customers with unparalleled service. The brand’s portfolio of services, including the highly lauded Hotel Evolution application, puts consumers back at the center of the value proposition by placing retail, hospitality and residential services in the palm of their hands. For more information, visit

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