On April 19th, 2012, IH&RA President, Dr. Ghassan Aidi, will be a speaker at The Quality of Life and Regional Development Tourism and Hospitality conference located at the Maryland Hall for Creative Arts in Annapolis, MA.

This conference is a unique occasion to experience and learn how the Quality of Life research can be applied to tourism and hospitality. The meeting is mainly intended to comprehensively explore issues concerned with quality of life and quality of work as well as the direct impact of these issues on regional growth through development of travel and tourism industries. This meeting will address issues such as quality of life, human development and regional prosperity; quality of life in the city and tourist-host community relationships; life in balance-quality of work and life; well being: what does it mean for tourism and hospitality business-new area of touristic experience; cultural, economic, environmental, political and social capital and tourism.

Panel Highlights:

  • New trends in tourism and hospitality-global,
  • For hospitality/tourism business owners & HR managers: how to transform your staff into positive enthusiastic messengers of the hospitality culture
  • Successfully and sustainably living together
  • Better integration and greater empowerment of minority

We encourage everyone who can make it to please come join us and hear Dr. Aidi speak about The Quality of Life and Regional Development Tourism and Hospitality. The conference is educational in nature and not for profit, there is a nominal registration fee required only.

We are one of the fastest growing industries and a strong contributor to sustainable development and to stop poverty in the World, with a forecast of 1.6 billion tourists by the year 2020." Dr. Aidi

"We were and are and still the only Industry trying to limit the poverty in the World in hiring and keep training despite crisis and failure of cooperation from the Public, Say Dr. AIDI

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Ghassan AIDI