Horst Schulze — Photo by Capella Hotels

Hamburg – Horst Schulze is one of the most important hoteliers of our time. The German descent business man represents the principles of the luxury hospitality like no one else. Heading the Ritz-Carlton group for many years in the past he has created the widely known principle "We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen". Today Schulze runs one of the most prestigious international hotel groups with his Capella Hotels. According to TOPHOTELPROJECTS, the leading data research service for international hotel construction projects, he is currently developing five further top hotels and resorts.

Horst Schulze is setting new hospitality levels With the high-end resort Capella Cabro San Lucas in Mexico. With an average sales volume of approximate 800 US-Dollar per room and per night he cold-shoulders established Grand Hotels. His luxury hotels have to fulfill high standards and be successful. If a hotel project does not perform success, contrary to expectations, it will have to leave the group– such as the Schlosshotel Velden in Austria in recent times.

Horst Schulze is always looking for extraordinary destinations and locations for his renamed top brand Capella Hotels, formerly known as West Paces Group. In Mexico he is developing a second top resort with just 86 rooms and suites (TOPHOTELPROJECTS Nr. 2518). Its opening is expected during early 2013. In Bangkok a top city hotel is going to be built with 100 rooms (TOPHOTELPROJECTS Nr. 6705). In Georgtown (US-state Washington D.C) a 100-room luxury boutique hotel will open at the end of this year (TOPHOTELPROJECTS Nr. 8018). Mid 2013 a mountain resort with 80 rooms will open in Niseko/Japan (TOPHOTELPROJECTS 3301) as well as a 59-room resort in Sochi, where the Winter Olympics 2014 will take place (TOPHOTELPROJECTS Nr. 11992).

Horst Schulze is a top hotelier of the old school. He helps wherever he can, runs his new hotel in New York City for weeks all by himself, and is testing the running business continually. Each time he visits the Breidenbacher Hof in Düsseldorf, which supposed to become a Ritz-Carlton but turned out to be a Capella Hotel, he detects new details that can be adjusted.

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