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External Article27 April 2012

Is The Social Concierge The Answer To Hotel Social Marketing?

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What do consumers want out of hotel social marketing?
According to a survey by USA Today, the No. 1 choice for consumers contacting hotels via social networks is to find local info. Users are looking for recommendations on things to do, restaurants and bars in the destination, and a concierge that is able to reply to requests on social networks is seen as a way to enhance the consumer’s experience. The survey points the direction of what hotel social marketing should be about.

This survey got me thinking about certain digital marketing best practices that hotels should adhere to when engaging consumers on social networks. This article points out five simple tips for hoteliers that want to infuse their social presence with an “engagement” shot by turning their social presence into a social concierge.

Tip 1- Use your staff to describe what’s happening in your neighborhood

No one better than your staff knows what’s happening in your neighborhood. Whether it’s the trendy restaurant, or the cool new bar for singles, your Facebook page and twitter stream will come alive as you discuss what’s happening. Other locals may flock to your posts and enhance them with valuable information. This local, hard-to-get information is what hotel social marketing should be about, as this is what users are looking for.

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