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What Does the Future Hold for Event Planners? - Visit The Inspiration Café

Among a video library of industry pros discussing ideas for success, Janet Sperstad of Madison Area Technical College discusses grooming the next generation of planners

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PSAV Inspiration Café

How is the events industry grooming the next generation of planners? Is a background in marketing and communications important when planning a well-branded event? What qualities do today's planners need to have to be successful? These questions and more are answered in The Inspiration Café. Sponsored by PSAV® Presentation Services, the website serves as an online educational resource, including videos of experts' interviews conducted at industry conventions.

Recently, Janet Sperstad, program director in meeting and event management at the Madison Area Technical College in Wisconsin, sat down to discuss the evolution of the meeting planner.

"Years ago when you would ask a meeting planner how he or she got into the business, you would hear 'I just fell into it or so-and-so helped me to get a job part-time and I never left,'" Sperstad said. "Today it's quite different. The next generation is coming into the classroom saying 'I want to be an event planner. I want to be a meeting professional.' They have a very clear vision of what event planning is and what it isn't. That's very profound in our industry."

Sperstad went on to say that students today come in with a lot of energy and passion; they talk the talk and already use the vernacular that she had to learn along the way. They understand that to be deemed "successful," an event just can't be well-organized and/or fun. It has to create experiences, drive business, capture market share and engage groups to come back again and again.

For more insight on grooming today's event planners, view the interview with Janet Sperstad on PSAV's Inspiration Café here.

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