London, November 7
As evidenced by discussions during World Travel Market this week, social media and review analytics are changing the hospitality industry, and ReviewPro has become the leading data source. The company provides hotel groups, OTAs and technology companies with the highest quality and largest quantity of online guest-written review insights available worldwide. Recognition of this leadership position has led to ReviewPro data being used by publications such as USA Today Travel and The Economist, being included in Wired magazine's list of hottest startups to watch, and winning the Travel Innovation Summit by PhoCusWright as the "emerging company most likely to change the travel industry." The company works with more than 7,000 hotels in 80+ countries, including leading groups such as Louvre Hotels Group, Meliá Hotels International, Kempinski Hotels and The Red Carnation Hotel Collection.

Through the newly expanded ReviewPro Developer Network, its data is now accessible to more companies that want to integrate its analytics into the products they are building.

Hotel companies

Use social data to unlock insights from existing business data

Hotel groups are accessing general online guest satisfaction indexes, business department indexes, and customer demographic information via the ReviewPro API, and cross-referencing this social data with internal business performance data to make better management decisions. Additionally, by comparing customer satisfaction trend reports with data from outside market intelligence systems, they create a richer set of information to uncover new opportunities and gain competitive advantage.

Even hotel groups using alternative online reputation management solutions are buying ReviewPro's reputation score, the Global Review Index™, to do brand-level comparisons and integrate guest satisfaction metrics into their CRM and Property Management Systems. For management companies, this data provides consistent, transparent performance accountability across the portfolio - regardless of the changing solutions provided by the hotel brands.

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Enable better decision making

The price-comparison OTAs that many consumers use for travel purchases are increasingly using algorithms based on online review analytics to better match the right hotel with the right customer. As of November, seven of the world's ten largest OTAs are in conversations or testing integration options with ReviewPro.

The reason? Data coverage and flexibility. ReviewPro currently pulls data from hundreds of sources worldwide in more than 45 languages, applying proprietary sentiment analysis technology to hundreds of millions of pieces of guest feedback to identify what's hot and what's not about each aspect of a hotel or brand. These factors can influence everything from the OTA's city rankings formulas to hotel description pages. When integrated across the website, ReviewPro data creates a better shopping experience for consumers by presenting the most relevant hotels for each visitor.

Technology companies

Leverage Big Data to provide breakthrough innovation

Many of the world's leading hospitality technology companies are now embedding ReviewPro data into their products to provide more accurate prediction software to guide strategy for their users. From demand forecasting to price elasticity measurement to demographics analysis, strategy recommendation models become more accurate and valuable once customer sentiment inputs are included.

To support this quickly growing market, ReviewPro has partnered with Mashery, an Intel company and the inventor of API management that powers companies such as Coca-Cola, Comcast, ESPN, the New York Times, Starwood Hotels, and USA Today. On top of a world-class API platform, ReviewPro has invested extensively in creating the new ReviewPro Developer Network, a portal that allows hotel groups, OTAs and technology companies to take social media and review analytics and use it to create innovative solutions.

According to Dimitry Lvovsky, Director of Engineering, "ReviewPro's API is fast, powerful and easy to use. The API gives developers access to all the same endpoints we deliver in our award-winning online reputation management solution. Through our developer's network, users of the API have access to documentation and code snippets as well as an interactive console that helps them build API calls directly in the developer's network portal."

ReviewPro already has more than 150 industry leading development partners participating in the network, with several major data distribution deals to be announced in the coming weeks.

Get more information on the ReviewPro developer network here:

Fiona Gillen
VP of Marketing