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Press Release12 December 2013

Truth In Travel - Survey Reveals What Travelers Want

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The world’s largest accommodation and traveler survey reveals what travelers want, including pilfered room items, free amenities and cultural offerings. According to the latest TripBarometer survey, it seems like travelers don’t always agree with hoteliers.


We dug into the data and discrepancies to find the truth about travel. Here are the highlights and resulting tips for hoteliers like you.

What are guests “borrowing” from hotel rooms?

While travelers are quick to admit they take toiletries and tea or coffee from hotel rooms, what about towels and clothes hangers? Or even batteries from the television remote?

Here’s the global breakdown of what travelers admit they take from hotel rooms compared to what hoteliers report missing after check out:

TripAdvisor Insights exclusive tip: Brand your towels to discourage guests taking them home. And for those travelers who still can’t resist, at least you’ll get some warm, fluffy brand impressions for your trouble.

What free amenities resonate most with travelers?

This will come as no surprise: traveler interest in complimentary amenities is going up in 2014. Demand is highest for free in-room Wi-Fi and free breakfast, with both amenities expected by over 80% of global travelers. Still, consider that the biggest jump is for free parking, which makes sense considering how many people are choosing to take shorter yet more frequent domestic trips.

TripAdvisor Insights exclusive tip: If you can’t offer these free amenities to all guests, offer them for repeat guests or loyalty program members. Or include them as a special offer during the slow season to help encourage more bookings.

What cultural experiences do travelers want?

TripBarometer reveals that travelers are eager for new experiences so long as they have reminders of home too.

Globally, travelers want to embrace adventure by:

  • Exploring another culture – 38%
  • Experiencing something specific to the destination – 30%
  • Exploring new food – 20%

Yet travelers also want hoteliers to offer:

  • TV or film choices offered in my language – 31%
  • Food from my home country – 27%

TripAdvisor Insights exclusive tip: Rotate a few different international dishes on your menu to complement your local favorites. Or create prix fixe menus that offer a choice of an international appetizer or dessert so guests can experience something local while also enjoying a comforting taste of home.

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