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Press Release 2 May 2014

A revolution in the hotel industry - hetras is looking for 30 geeks

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A hotel in the cloud? Although this might sound like science fiction, it's actually for real. And this is because more and more hotels are picking up on the fact that technology is crucial to success - not only when it comes to reducing IT costs and drastically simplifying operations, but more decisively still, to create a unique experience for their guests. And it is precisely this kind of technology that software development companies like hetras in Munich are consistently working to progress. And they are looking for people. "Desperately so!" according to hetras CEO, Martin Reents, to be precise.


The number of hotels that have switched to the could and moved on from traditional hotel

management software is increasingly growing, and already includes citizenM, Qbic, OKKO Hotels, BLOC Hotels, HTL/Scandic - to name but a few.

The new generation of hotels for the new generation of hotel guests. Who, just as for flights, want to

be able to book and check into their rooms with their tablets and smartphones. They are the kind of guests that might know hotel porters from old movies, and get a buzz from being able to open their hotel room door with a mobile device. All of which and more is now possible. Hotels that have already embraced these new technologies, for example, can recognize their guests the moment they set foot into the lobby - long before they reach the front desk - thanks to iBeacons, which are a tiny new type of indoor positioning system.

For hoteliers, technology is becoming crucial to success, because hotels are increasingly using more

and more electronic systems. I.e. in addition to online and mobile booking, check-in and check-out systems, hotel staff are now also using tablets to give them more flexibility. A lot of these systems are automatic - which frees up time and allows staff to spend more time with guests.

These systems run on hetras' cloud platform - which is extremely easy and straightforward to use.

This ease is thanks to hetras' product manager and software developers, which are at home in the playground hetras has created for its developers - the hetras geek lab - the place where the techies are coding: Agile, DevOps, TDD, AWS, API. And its people who are familiar with these methods that hetras is currently looking for. "In an ideal situation, we'd love to recruit an entire, good and well- established team" elaborated hetras CTO Stephan Wiesener. The team's mission would be to develop apps and to work towards expanding into Asia - which is currently right at the top of hetras' product roadmap. "What we are doing here is realizing a vision that will change the hotel industry forever", explained Reents.

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About Hetras

Hetras is a hotel management system comprising a cloud-based property management system, self-check-in app, booking engine, channel manager and state-of-the-art open API that future proofs your hotel"s technology. Hetras is a Shiji Group brand and part of the wide-ranging open hotel and travel technology ecosystem. Being part of the Shiji Group strengthens Hetras' integration with Shiji"s travel and hospitality technology ecosystem, ranging from point of sale systems which include hardware and software to enterprise payment processing systems.

For more information on Hetras, contact:

[email protected].com; +49 89 716718510

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