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Supplier News17 June 2014

Mobile Simple Revealing Hospitality's First Cloud-Based Mobile Minibar-Management Solution at HITEC

Minibar operations are entering a new dimension with Mobile Simple’s new 'patent-pending' cloud-based mobile solution drastically shaking up two decades of minibar management

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Mobile Simple

Visit Mobile Simple in Booth 1751 at HITEC!


Las Vegas -- Next week at HITEC, hoteliers will experience change in the way they manage their minibar and in-room amenity operations forever. By leveraging both the power of the CLOUD and MOBILITY, Mobile Simple is shaking up the minibar world.

The solution finally meets hoteliers' expectations avoiding all the disadvantages that have affected the minibar department over the past two decades. In fact, what separates the Mobile Simple solution from others is how the company leverages technology to improve operations.

Four ingredients are making this new minibar-management tool a "must-have" SUPER

SOLUTION for hoteliers:
  1. Cloud-based management system, offering immediate deployment, speed and scalability
  2. Native mobile application, providing the best tools to assist refill attendants in their daily tasks, without worrying about Internet connection coverage and/or speed
  3. Money maker, delivering the BEST ROI in the minibar world because it costs just a few pennies per room, per month, compared to other solutions which offer an ROI in years
  4. 30 day FREE trial, giving hoteliers freedom and flexibility to test this solution

*The name of the solution will be revealed at the Press Conference held June 24


Benefits for F&B Managers

"Food and beverage managers will value our room assignment list controlled by pre-set

rules and real-time room status, so room attendants only check rooms that need servicing," said Christelle Pigeat, Mobile Simple CEO. "Our solution offers a better control on guest's actual consumptions by reducing risk of billing errors and a more efficient posting process. We monitor product shelf-life and manage product offering updates, as well as special guest requests.

"Our back end is a powerful management tool designed for minibars managers, yet it's

simple to use," she said. "Consolidated metrics and reports are always available, giving managers full visibility over the department's activities and labor performance. Our mobile application was designed with high quality user experience (UEX) offering simplicity and elegance while including all the necessary features for room attendants to perform their daily tasks in a minimum number of clicks."

Benefits for IT Managers
Information Technology managers will

immediately value the simplicity of deployment without altering hotel's current network security policies. Mobile Simple's solution gives total freedom to hoteliers regarding their choice of the in-room hardware. Thanks to the native mobile application, users will experience an immediate response from the app, along with full-time connectivity, thanks to the hybrid mode (online and offline) so minibar attendants can focus on their daily tasks. If you add these benefits to Mobile Simple's unprecedented financial model, you will experience a mobile minibar solution unlike anything in the market. Each of these differentiators will be demonstrated at HITEC.

"Hotel guests are getting more demanding, and to meet their growing expectations,

hoteliers must choose the right technology solutions with the best investment return to support them in their daily tasks," Pigeat added. "Our new cloud-based mobile solution for minibar management is simple, scalable, secure and affordable, costing just pennies per room per month. Better yet, we are offering this tool as a FREE 30 day trial to give hoteliers the ability to evaluate its benefits by themselves without any compromise. Try it and then adopt it. Managing a hotel's minibar operations is now a breeze, thanks to Mobile Simple."

Our solution is designed to increase hotel's bottom line through more effective

merchandising and controlling costs through more efficient posting process and increasing productivity.

It makes sense financially, it makes sense operationally. And because the Mobile

Simple solution is so easy to use, we can set you up in 24 hours."

Signing up with Mobile Simple solution is easy:

  1. Sign-up for a 30-days FREE TRIAL on
  2. Provide the required information to set up your property
  3. Download the FREE mobile app from your app store
  4. Connect to your PMS and you have a full online solution

Be the Superhero your hotel owner is looking for by pre-scheduling an appointment with

Mobile Simple at HITEC (June 24 to 26 / Booth 1751 / Los Angeles Convention Center) today. Contact Christelle Pigeat at [email protected]. The company website will go LIVE following a Press Conference at HITEC on Tuesday, June 24.

About Mobile Simple
With a global presence, Mobile Simple provides

operational solutions for the hospitality industry specifically to streamline minibar and in-room amenities operations in hotel guestrooms. ABreez is a game changer for the food and beverage department. ABreez enables our customers to capture more revenue, increase guest satisfaction and improve staff productivity. For more information, call 1 800-467-5892 (North America) or international +1 (702) 527-9494.
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