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Supplier News24 June 2014

MEET 'A BREEZ'... Hospitality's First Cloud-Based, Mobile Application for Minibar Operations

Mobile Simple unveils at HITEC a new 'patent-pending' cloud-based mobile solution that is setting up a NEW STANDARD for minibar management

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Mobile Simple

IT'S FINALLY HERE . . . a new solution to streamline operations for minibar, snack tray and bottled water in guestrooms. Administering these items is complex and creates problems for all hotel owners, operators and staff. Revenue losses, inventory control, labor challenges, reconciliation issues, guest complaints . . . Sound familiar? But today, the winds are changing.


Meet ABreez by Mobile Simple.

"Today at HITEC we are thrilled to reveal ABreez, the hospitality industry's

first cloud-based mobile application for minibar operations," said Christelle Pigeat, Mobile Simple CEO. "This patent-pending solution is breathing new life into the minibar department. No other hospitality company is offering a solution so powerful that leverages the cloud and mobility like ABreez to optimize minibar operations. We believe that ABreez is setting up a NEW STANDARD for hospitality in how all minibar and in-room amenities will be managed going forward."

A Breez by Mobile Simple is on display June 24 to 26 at the

Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC), Booth # 1751, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

What's ABreez?

Mobility for Room Attendants is ABreez

  • A Breez Mobile native application is designed for room attendants with a high-quality user experience offering simplicity and elegance plus all the necessary features for room attendants to perform their daily tasks in a minimum number of clicks. ABreez Mobile transforms the manual and mundane process of checking minibars and in-room amenities into an efficient and fun task for room attendants.

Cost Control for F&B Managers is ABreez

  • A Breez Cloud is a powerful, yet simple, management tool designed for F&B Managers.ABreez Cloud will increase a hotel's bottom line through more effective merchandising, and it will control costs through a more efficient posting process, thereby increasing productivity.

Affordability is ABreez

  • Mobile Simple is making minibar operations a breeze by offering the BEST return on investment of any minibar solution in the market. In fact, Mobile Simple has developed an ROI SIMULATOR showing howABreez boosts each property's minibar department's bottom line. TryABreez ROI SIMULATOR by clicking here.

Operating in the Cloud is ABreez

  • WithABreez, hotels receive immediate deployment, speed and flexibility in a highly secured environment. Once signed up, we can have a property's minibar department up and running within 24 hours. There is no need to buy, build, and maintain an IT infrastructure to supportABreez. The entire solution is hosted by Mobile Simple in an ultra-secured environment. Hoteliers simply access it online.

Going Green is ABreez

  • Hoteliers who are concerned about environmental issues and who are continually looking for a sustainable differentiator will findABreez to be one of the greenest solutions on the market. BecauseABreez is mobile, there is no need for printing refilling reports, and F&B Managers can easily access all reporting online. To see how your hotel's minibar department will contribute to the environment annually, try the ABreezGREEN CALCULATOR by clicking here.

Getting Started is ABreez

makes sense financially; it makes sense operationally. Because the ABreez is so easy to use, we can set you up in 24 hours.
  1. Sign-up for a 30-day FREE TRIAL on
  2. Provide the required information to set up your property
  3. Download ABreez FREE from your app store
  4. Connect to your PMS and you have a full online solution

Becoming a Pilot Site is ABreez
Mobile Simple is

introducing a pilot site program for hotels with a 2x30-day FREE trial. A limited number of properties will be selected and a special discount on the monthly fee will be offered for the first 12 months. Registration is now open for ALL hotels worldwide interested in becoming one of the first hotels in the world to make their minibar and in-room amenity program ABreez. To participate, email us at: [email protected]

Scalable, secure and affordable, Mobile Simple offers the ease and urgency hoteliers

need to manage their minibar operations. Learn more, visit Booth #1751 at HITEC or visit
Christelle Pigeat
CEO and VP Sales & Marketing
Phone: +1 702 527 9494
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