Source: SALTO Systems
Source: SALTO Systems
Source: SALTO Systems

The intuitive JustIN mobile key app developed by SALTO communicates securely via the Cloud and enables a hotel guest to receive his room key online, anytime and anywhere. For the guest, the process is as simple as arriving at the hotel and deciding to receive the room key directly to his smartphone (iOS and Android devices) without going to hotel reception for the traditional check-in process. It's that easy.

SALTO mobile key works across the SALTO product range including XS4 and AElement electronic locks collections. To use SALTO's mobile key solution, no special software is required and it combines Ultralight C, Desfire EV1, Mifare Plus, Bluetooth and NFC technologies into one secure package. A SALTO mobile key cannot be duplicated, unlike mechanical keys or some RFID technologies, and its encrypted data transfer uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) AES 128 bit encryption opening procedures.

And for the hotel, using SALTO mobile key is also very simple. An operator just needs to open SALTO's ProAccess SPACE software for Hotel Access Management and go to the check-in menu. From the main screen, choose a room and date, enter the new guest's mobile phone number and press ´Edit Key´ to send the guest key his room.

From the operator's side software shows, a confirmation message on the screen confirming that a new key has been sent to the selected guest's smartphone, and that the guest has received the key. The guest then opens the SALTO JustIN key app on his phone and taps the start button displayed on the app. The app then prompts the guest to present his phone to the room lock whereby the lock and mobile key instantly verify access with each other, and the lock opens permitting the guest to enter his room. Straightforward and simple.

Technologically cutting-edge, SALTO mobile key means the end of lost key hassle expense and waste, plus reception queues are minimized. As well as hotel rooms, it can also be used on main entrance doors, elevators, car park barriers, meeting rooms etc.

it's the ideal solution for any door where there is a need to control access.

To understand the full potential of JustIN Mobile Key solution in your property, please contact your local SALTO office to set up a live demo.

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Since 2001, SALTO Systems has been delivering state-of-the-art, wire-free and keyless electronic access control solutions and has established a strong presence in the hospitality industry. Our innovative and reliable electronic locking solutions improve guest experience, hotel management, design and security for hotel rooms, suites, back-of-house, meeting space infrastructure and more. Our pioneering SALTO Virtual Network SVN data-on-card platform provides stand-alone, networked locking solutions that continue to set SALTO apart. Our technological expertise has evolved into leading positions in both cloud technology and mobile access solutions for hospitality. Our complete premium electronic lock solutions - which include sleek designs that match any hotel décor - cover every corner of the access control spectrum with one easy-to-use system for hotels of all types and sizes.

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