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External Article29 May 2015

TripAdvisor puts new focus on Chinese market with rebranding, app

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Newton-based travel website TripAdvisor said Wednesday that it unveiled a new brand name for Chinese-speaking customers and released a new mobile app to serve those users.

TripAdvisor's (Nasdaq: TRIP) new Chinese brand would be known as "Mao Tu Ying" — a phonetic word play combining the Chinese characters for “owl” with the Chinese character for “journey."

The company said in a release its new China mobile app would "better serve Mainland Chinese outbound travelers, Chinese-speaking users from Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as the rapidly growing diaspora of Chinese natives living and studying around the world."

TripAdvisor said already it's logged over 60 million sessions from Chinese users worldwide in the first four months of 2015.

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