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Bittel is Redefining the 'New Norm' for Accommodating Guests' Mobile Devices

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Bittel Electronics (EU)

Taking a holistic approach to guests' mobile device service, Bittel is delivering not just a charging station, but NFC-based Bluetooth music streaming, speakerphone integration, HDTV screen sharing and more to radically enhance the overall guest experience; See Bittel in Booth #1545 at HITEC

San Jose, Calif. -- Bittel is redefining the guest experience by establishing a "new norm" for mobile device interaction in the guestroom. The global provider of media, charging and telecom solutions for hotels and resorts is not just keeping travelers connected, but the company has embarked on a new mission for accommodating guests' mobile devices in a more holistic way. Hoteliers can experience this "new norm" June 16 to 18 at HITEC in Booth #1545.

"Meeting the need to charge travelers' mobile devices is critical for maintaining satisfaction, but it's only the first step towards exceeding guests' expectations," said Joe Zhang, Bittel CEO. "We put ourselves in the shoes of today's mobile-dependent guests and looked for ways enhance their experiences by integrating their personal devices with our full line of in-room electronics. The mobile experience isn't about charging; it's about charging AND being able to play music through the room phone's stereo speakers or wirelessly streaming music through an NFC-based Bluetooth device . . . it's about connecting a mobile device to the guestroom television to enjoy its contents on a large HDTV screen and make or answer calls while screen sharing . . . and, it's about leveraging stereo speakers to turn the guestroom into a conference center for calls made to a mobile device. This baseline for mobile engagement is the 'new norm' that guests will demand, and it's available today from Bittel."

At HITEC, Bittel will showcase UNOMedia 5, a brand-compliant all-in-one alarm/clock/radio/telephone with music player and charging station. Equipped with four USB ports, a high powered rapid charger and wireless NFC-enabled Bluetooth speakers, UNOMedia 5 is everything today's travelers, owners and designers could possibly want, beautifully wrapped in a sleek package. Bittel's patented Multi Charging Cable (MCC) is an optional feature. Supported devices include Apple lightning (iPhone 5 and 6 series, and new iPad), Micro USB (Android, Blackberry and Windows), Apple legacy (iPhone 4s and older), and audio 3.5mm (for music).


Bittel will also unveil MediaFi4, the next generaton mobile device connectivity panel at HITEC which integrates guestroom telephone, alarm clock, digital turning FM radio, Hi-Fi stereo speaker and connectivity panel in one. This product not only maintains the cordless telephone features but it also enables guests to make full use of their portable devices on the TV.

Budget conscious hotels that are just beginning to think about adding mobile device charging should check out Bittel's NEW Classic Charger that easily attaches to most existing guestroom phones and instantly provides travelers with two high powered USB ports for charging mobile devices. Bittel's MCC can also be added to the Classic Charger as an optional feature.

"Adding mobile device charging to nearly any phone has never been easier," said Mitch Heinlein, Bittel VP of Sales and Marketing. "Forget about buying a charging port for the desktop, a wall-mount hub, or standalone power hub to enable in-room charging. This only adds more equipment to the room, cluttering the design. By mounting this charging component to the bottom of the guestroom phone, it doesn't take up additional space and it's still easily visible to the guest. Plus, it's attached to existing equipment that already sits at either the bedside or the desktop, making it extremely convenient for mobile device charging. It's what every guest wants and every property needs – plus it's at a price point that all properties can afford."

To pre-schedule an appointment to experience UNOMedia 5, MediFi4 or the Classic Charger at HITEC, email Mitch Heinlein at [email protected]. For more information on Bittel America's full line of in-room equipment options, visit

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