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The digital age is without a doubt changing the way travelers plan and book their travel. With new technology also comes a new type of traveler; one that expects a more personalized and efficient user experience. In fact, 74% of consumers get frustrated when website content appears that has nothing to do with their interests (Triblio). It seems that the abundance of travel information is now creating an inconvenience for modern day travelers.

Consumers want to receive targeted information and offers based on their needs and interests on the device of their choice. The significant rise in mobile bookings proves this to be true, as the mobile search volume saw an increase of 49% over last year (Google Search Data). With all of this in mind, the travel industry is facing a new reality. Success for travel companies will be based both on 1) their ease of access and 2) their ability to connect with their travelers and create a unique experience.

Why exactly is targeted messaging so important? With 70% of consumers expecting personalization, it is not something to be ignored (Momentology). More and more people want to be recognized as individuals and 4 out of 10 travelers are willing to share their information in the interest of personalization (Skift). Knowing your traveler means providing better customer service, creating satisfied customers, and more likely to return guests. This focus on personalization will reflect positively, as 78% of consumers believe organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships (Triblio).

Targeted content will also play a role in increasing site traffic and engaging your site visitors. Especially in the early stages of travel planning, targeted content can help drive search and purchasing decisions. As mentioned by Tnooz, "Some companies have found that when a relevant, personalized ad is displayed, there is an eight times greater click-through rate than for an un-targeted ad, and customers are eight times more likely to engage with an ad to buy a ticket or package".

The travel industry is undergoing a lot of change revolving around creating a better experience for travelers. 77% of corporate executives agreed that the internet and consumer app companies were setting a new benchmark for customer experiences (Harris Interactive). With the new mobile interface and integration of targeted content, companies have a greater opportunity to build lasting relationships with travelers and increase positive customer reviews.

Spring Engage allows hotel marketing professionals to build better and longer relationships with their site visitors.

Focused on intentionality, the Spring Engage platform holds the tools for hotels to give site visitors the most meaningful and relevant expereince each time they're on site.

Beth Harvey
Spring Engage

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