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Press Release20 January 2016

Sombrero, your personal e-marketing trainer

Mobile app that will help you to get new clients through online channels.

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Social Media Analytics company Sotrender proudly presents it's latest creation - Sombrero, your personal e-marketing trainer. Sombrero is a free mobile app that will turn online marketing newbies into professionals and help SMBs get new clients through online channels.


Sombrero, which debuted on Google Play and Apple App Store, is a free app dedicated to SMBs and individuals willing to learn e-marketing strategies. Sombrero consists of training plans designed to suit the need of both newbies and people with limited e-marketing experience. Additionally, the tasks and hints are tailored to different brands (incl. Food & Drink, Hospitality & Tourism, E-commerce, Beauty & Fitness) and goals (Brand Awareness, Website Traffic and Offline Conversion).

Sombrero is a personal e-marketing trainer, that means, it not only gives its users personalised tasks, but also monitors their advances and motivates to perform better. The user can check their progress any time and app shows goals and the most important indicators such as growth of fans.

As a free app, it's outstanding in the content it provides. Every training plan comprises of 15-20 tasks. The tasks are designed in a way that requires less than 15 minutes to perform and complete a task. Thanks to that Sombrero can be used by SMBs employees who have also other duties in their company. The tasks are also shareable, which gives a way to share duties with other employees.

Basic training plan covers such topics as content creation, branding and social media optimisation, measuring data, customer service, target group and competition tracking. All the tasks, tips and hints were prepared basing on 50 TB of data, gathered over 4 years by Sotrender. After a basic course the user knows e.g how to communicate with followers and fans, which content is the best on different social media and how to conduct e-marketing effectively.


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Sotrender uses big data to help marketing and sales professionals in making better decisions in social media. We can provide you with solutions to optimize your performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, as well as to check your results against the competition and to execute decisions into practice.

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