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Supplier News 4 February 2016

Four Star Boutique ‘Hotel Eastlund’ Featuring Innovative Bittel Products

The trendy Portland property is relying on Bittel to bring space-saving design, technology innovation, and convenient mobile charging to the guestroom

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San Jose, Calif. -- Following a $15 million renovation and rebranding, the four-star, luxury boutique Hotel Eastlund in The Lloyd District of Portland, Ore., is attracting seasoned travelers, business professionals, and urban adventurers alike with its trendy design, state-of-the-art technology and uncompromising guest service. To complement the designer furnishings in its 168 guestrooms and suites, management set out to find phones that 1) mirror the property's classic style and modern sophistication, 2) have a small footprint, and 3) provide the best user experience. Bittel Americas delivered across the board with its UNOMedia 5 and NEO series.

"There were several requirements on my wish list when shopping for in-room phones, and I was beginning to think I would have to settle for less than the best – until I met Bittel," said Jenifer Whang, Hotel Eastlund Director of Operations. "Their product line is stylish and diverse. Bittel phones are small enough to give our guests more space on the nightstand for their mobile devices; they are great to look at and come in a range of colors that I have never seen before for guestroom phones; they provide convenient mobile device charging that our guests demand; and they even combine the alarm/clock/radio and telephone in one unit.

"The choice was easy; I selected the all-in-one Bittel UNOMedia 5 for rooms with two beds, and the slick Bittel NEO for our kings," she added. "These phones blend beautifully with the room design and our guests just love the look, feel and functionality of each device."

With UNOMedia 5, Hotel Eastlund guests can recharge their smartphones, tablets or other devices and listen to their personal music. It's equipped with four USB ports, a high powered rapid charger and wireless NFC-enabled Bluetooth speakers.

UNOMedia 5 also features Bittel's patented EasyCharge multi function cable to connect guest's mobile devices for easy charging and playing. Supported devices include Apple lightning (iPhone 5 and 6 series, and new iPad), Micro USB (Android, Blackberry and Windows), Apple legacy (iPhone 4s and older), and audio 3.5mm (for music).

"In our hotel, room real estate is valuable," Whang said. "Bittel thought of everything with the UNOMedia 5. Blending multiple devices into one unit was brilliant. It made complete sense to me to select this product for our doubles because there is only one night stand separating the two beds. It's one piece of attractive and useful equipment."

NEO also blends design with mobile device charging but in a more trimline package. It offers more style choices, more color choices and a smaller footprint than most devices in the market. NEO features two USB ports and Bittel's patented Multi function charging cable to connect guests' Apple legacy (iPhone 4s and older), Apple lightning (iPhone 5 and new iPad), Micro USB (Android, Blackberry and Windows) and audio 3.5 (for music) mobile devices for easy charging and playing.

The NEO Series comes in analog, SIP and DECT cordless models and is available in silver/black, blue/black, red/black, silver/ash, golden/ash and red/ash color combinations. Each offers up to 10 programmable guest-service keys and a full-length faceplate for hotel name and logo plus phone instruction printing. The NEO series is compatible with all major PBXs for message waiting indicators.

"NEO's hip design is the perfect compliment to our king rooms," Whang said. "I was initially drawn to the phone's optional portrait or landscape formats, and it's unique 45 degree angle dial button printing. It really added a new twist to traditional phone design. Because our king rooms have a nightstand on either side of the bed, we can put the alarm/clock/radio one one side and NEO on the other. It has the updated look we want and the mobile charging our guests demand."

Mitch Heinlein, Bittel VP of Sales and Marketing, said the Hotel Eastlund is the perfect property type to showcase the versitility of Bittel solutions.

"Not only do Bittel phones blend beautifully with the design schemes of today's modern guestrooms, but our diverse phone series complement eachother as well," Heinlein said. "We are thrilled to see both UNOMedia 5 and NEO being displayed at a property that places such emphasis on design and style."

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