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Skip Reception and Go Directly to Your Room With a Mobile Key from hetras’ Mobile App

The hospitality scene is changing constantly. Gone are the days of queuing at reception, replaced by the ease and ultimate convenience of self-service.

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Just imagine: Juan is at the airport, where he books a hotel room on his smart phone before his flight to Glasgow. He checks into his hotel while waiting for his luggage in Glasgow. Then, he takes a taxi to his hotel, where he bypasses the front desk, goes directly to his room, and opens the door with his mobile phone.

With its latest implementation at Village Hotels and Qbic Hotels, hetras has launched a mobile app that uses mobile key services to achieve a fully mobile guest journey. Guests can not only check in and open their hotel rooms with the hetras app, they can also book their next stay directly on their smartphone and check out by walking out the front door.

Jose Amat Fuster, Product Manager Mobile at hetras, explains, "The mobile app complements hetras' cloud-based property management and central reservation system. The hetras app is available to hoteliers for a monthly subscription fee and can be customized to different hotel processes and brand designs."

In other words, at any hotel with hetras cloud-based hotel management software, guests are able to serve themselves, conveniently, online.
"If a hotel wants more automation, innovation, and also increased direct book-ings, this might be the right time to think about a mobile app. The open self-service API platform we have built allows anybody to connect their Innovate Apps or other software to hetras quickly and easily," says hetras Managing Director Philip von Ditfurth.


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Hetras is a hotel management system comprising a cloud-based property management system, self-check-in app, booking engine, channel manager and state-of-the-art open API that future proofs your hotel"s technology. Hetras is a Shiji Group brand and part of the wide-ranging open hotel and travel technology ecosystem. Being part of the Shiji Group strengthens Hetras' integration with Shiji"s travel and hospitality technology ecosystem, ranging from point of sale systems which include hardware and software to enterprise payment processing systems.

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