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Press Release27 May 2016

Impact of Text and Messaging Apps on Travel Planning. Is Messaging the Future of Travel?

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PhoCusWright Inc.

There has been a significant increase in the use of mobile messaging among travelers. Younger travelers – millennials aged 18-34, but also 35-44 year olds – are driving the use of mobile messaging.


A new report from travel industry research authority Phocuswright, Chat, Shop, Buy: Messaging as the New Traveler Medium, analyzes the use of text and messaging apps among U.S. travelers, and the impact they will have on travel planning, booking and experiencing.

Apart from mobile messaging services and platforms that enable travelers to share their trip experiences, numerous entrants have emerged within the growing field of trip planning via mobile devices and a chat-based user experience.

In addition, mobile messaging represents an obvious opportunity for travel brands to offer on-demand traveler support. In the hospitality segment, a slew of startups have stepped in to facilitate guest relations via instant messaging.

"Travelers' use of mobile messaging has risen dramatically, and the impact on travel – from shop and book to experience and share – will only grow," says Phocuswright's vice president, research, Douglas Quinby. "Nearly half of U.S. travelers used text messaging and more than three in 10 used chat apps to share their travel experiences in 2015, up significantly from previous years."

Understand the rise of messaging and learn how travel brands can leverage this powerful trend throughout the travel life cycle with Phocuswright's Chat, Shop, Buy: Messaging as the New Traveler Medium.

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