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EMD + HIDI Alliance Bringing the Best of AV + IT to HITEC

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Electro-Media Design

The AV + IT worlds are colliding at HITEC: CIOs, CTOs, and CFOs looking for all things AudioVisual, Acoustical, Engineering and IT, including networking, communications, security integration and infrastructure design services should visit EMD + HIDI at HITEC in Booth #1236


Gaithersburg, Md . and Toronto – There's a lot of sameness out there, especially when it comes to hospitality technology. CIOs, CTOs and CFOs can go crazy trying to determine which company to source for their individual property or brand needs. When it comes to "behind the scenes," such as infrastructure cabling or wireless networks, knowing what to put behind the walls is just as important as what to put on them, and it requires a different type of expertise. Think about it: you could use the hotel's Electrical Engineer to also spec the property's network infrastructure; after all, they design with wires, so they should be able to design a network, right? Wrong. Why then do so many hotels and developers rely on network engineers to design the AudioVisual schematic in the event space . . . or select the best options for guestroom entertainment . . . or identify weak links in the building's security plan?

Today there is a single source that CIOs, CTOs and CFOs can turn to for all things AV + IT/Security: The EMD + HIDI alliance. In March, Electro-Media Design Ltd. (EMD) and The HIDI Group (HIDI) teamed up to serve as a single authoritative resource to collaborate with when planning new, or renovating existing, hotels and event spaces. This month, EMD + HIDI will showcase their comprehensive AV + IT and Engineering Consulting Services in Booth #1236 at HITEC, to be held June 21 to 23 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.

AV Consultation at HITEC

"When it comes to hotel AV operations, audio, video, control, and related presentation, entertainment and communications technologies, Electro-Media Design has got you covered," said Jeff Loether, EMD founder and president. "For the last 25 years, our AV consultants have managed hundreds of meeting/conference project designs for the industry's leading brands who also rely on us to write their master design standards. We also have written supplemental AudioVisual and Acoustical 'Best Practices' books that are used to guide the efforts of architects and developers and contractors in the AV industry. From building management integration, production/feature lighting, and show flow/staging/ power/hoisting/rigging to architectural acoustics, noise/vibration control, and electro-acoustics, no one knows AV like EMD."

EMD also provides support programs to hotels with self-operated AV services or to facilities that are providing AV services with non-technical staff, giving them access to a wealth of resources from within the audiovisual industry. Utilizing the hotel's own staff and equipment, the EMD program equips hotels with the standards, procedures, management, sales and training they need direct from the industry's leading AudioVisual experts. This program also manages the contracts of outsourced AV Services Providers.

"When it comes to providing AV services the conventional thought is to outsource or do it yourself," Loether said. "Now there's a third option – do it yourself, but not by yourself. EMD is here to help."

Why visit EMD at HITEC? Because you . . .

  • Need to upgrade technology and want to ensure ROI
  • Are looking for ways to enhance the customer experience
  • Want to develop a comprehensive technology plan to address long term needs
  • Receive continuous meeting planner complaints
  • Must increase your revenue stream from AV Services

"Whether you want to know what the future of meeting rooms brings or your need is more immediate – like, what kinds of noise problems can you expect if you remove guestroom carpet when remodeling, EMD will be standing ready in Booth #1236 to consult," Loether said.

IT Consultation at HITEC

With 40 years of multidisciplinary engineering expertise, The HIDI Group has today's CIOs, CTOs and CFOs covered as well. HIDI personnel have worked on over fifty 4 and 5-Star properties across four continents in the past 20 years. Specialized hospitality design and implementation services include: Communication Infrastructure (cabling, voice, data, TV, WiFi, radio, cellular and HSIA), PBX and Data Network Design; Physical and Electronic Security Design (access control, guest room locking, video surveillance, asset management and tracking); Mechanical Engineering Design; Electrical Engineering Design; Architectural Lighting Design; Commissioning; and Risk and Resilience. "We are subject matter experts in many arcane disciplines including radio engineering, satellite and microwave communications, hospitality phones/voice systems and network PCI compliance," explains Ward Sellars, head of HIDI's technology group. The number one complaint that Hotel guests have in Hotels is related to the quality (or lack thereof) of wireless Wi-Fi systems. HIDI understands this and has invested heavily in 3D Radio propagation and design tools so as to simulate the Wi-Fi and Radio/Cellular coverage and to ensure excellent high bandwidth coverage to the entire hotel property.

Why visit HIDI at HITEC? Because you . . .

  • Need to implement a cost-effective network infrastructure to support all hotel systems
  • Require assistance designing integrated technology and communications systems to suit hotel operations
  • Are looking for seamless security systems that enhance situational awareness and safety and security for guests and staff
  • Strive for holistic technology infrastructure that evolves to adapt to technological obsolescence
  • Seek a singular building services solution with expertise in integrated mechanical, electrical, lighting, communications, security, and risk and resilience design

Today's global hotel brands intricately curate their guests' experiences, and as such, they require a highly committed and skilled group of experts to write their brand standards and develop the designs needed to guarantee the best results. To ensure flawless execution of technologies from guestrooms to event spaces and everywhere in between – whether it's during a new construction or a facility renovation – a holistic view of the project from an AV + IT and Engineering perspective is required. The EMD/HIDI alliance is bringing this necessary expertise to the table – and to HITEC.

AV + IT = Smart Spaces

"Although AV and IT are two completely different practices, the outside world sees them as one and the same, and they expect AV and IT to be a seamless package," said Sellars. "Much of the AV infrastructure is now expected to operate seamlessly across a hotel's IT network, making this convergence all the more important. Together, HIDI and EMD are committed to providing 'Smart Spaces' to hotel operators and owners, so that systems can grow and change as the technology evolves. Whether you need our expertise individually on a consultative basis or collaboratively to troubleshoot problems, our flexible independent / subcontract / joint venture structure is available today to meet the demands of the thriving hotel construction market. This alliance presents the highest value with the best expertise – guaranteed."

To pre-schedule a meeting with EMD + HIDI at HITEC, email Robin Collins at [email protected].

For more information on Electro-Media Design, visit For details on The HIDI Group, visit For EMD media inquiries, contact Barb Worcester at (440) 930-5770 or email [email protected]. For HIDI media inquiries, contact Jennifer Wieskopf at (416) 364-2100 x247 or email [email protected].

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