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Supplier News22 June 2016

Microsense Networks Launches Touchsense At HITEC 2016, The First Facebook Messenger Bot Application For The Hospitality Industry


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Microsense Networks

TouchSense with its AI (Artificial Intelligence) interface to Facebook's messenger platform helps a guest to connect to a hotel from anywhere. Using TouchSense is as smooth and quick as talking to the hotel staff in person.


TouchSense enables a hotel and a guest to communicate and share instantaneous information. Customers can speak or type simple questions from their smartphone's messenger app using TouchSense, and make a room reservation from anywhere, or once checked in, request room service, bell service, housekeeping, travel desk, or any other services that the hotel may provide. The TouchSense chatBOT is created and customized by our expert software team specific to each hotel's needs. Equally TouchSense can be customized to cater to any industry.

TouchSense transforms the customer's experience to a new level. In today's fast paced world, TouchSense makes it very quick and easy for the customer to get what they need without having to download any special APP or having to visit a website or make a phone call. TouchSense makes communication easy for both the guest and the hotel.
Here is an example using TouchSense when a customer wants to book a room;


Hi need a room

Hotel TouchSense chatBOT:

We are here to help What would be your check in and check out dates?


(Selects Checkin and check out dates)

Hotel TouchSense chatBOT:

Let us look up the rooms we have available.

Hotel TouchSense chatBOT:

Thank you for your patience.

Please select the room you wish to stay in. [displays the available room types on that date with rates]


Selects a room by touching.

Hotel TouchSense chatBOT:

Great choice! I have blocked this room for you and details have been sent. We promise you the best of our services and ensure that you'll have a pleasant stay!

Visit our Booth 2135 @ HITEC 2016

About Microsense Networks.  Microsense Networks LLC is a privately owned global provider of interactive software and technology for the lodging and hospitality industries. Microsense Networks has been providing best in class IP based technology to Luxury Hotels, Restaurants, Stadiums, Airports, and Businesses for nearly 30 years.

For further information contact: Chris Pukay, VP - Business Development, Microsense Networks,        Phone: 610-400-1895, Email: [email protected] Web:

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