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Supplier News11 October 2016

StayNTouch® Reveals Four Proven Hacks for Hotels to Capitalize on OTA-Generated Bookings

New e-book highlights best practices for Hotels to leverage the business they win from OTAs to achieve more revenue and turn these guests into returning customers

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A new e-book, "Four Proven Hacks for Hotels to Capitalize on OTA-Generated Bookings," has been released by mobile hospitality technology leader StayNTouch®.


The insightful guide was developed based on decades of industry experience and addresses one of the most critical areas of thought leadership – best practices for hotels to leverage the business they win from OTAs to achieve more revenue from them and turn these guests into returning customers.

In today's competitive market landscape, there is a driving emphasis on meeting guest demand and satisfaction. Leading lodging companies understand that how effectively they manage their OTA business and marketing to drive direct bookings, on-property revenue and return guests directly impacts their business outcomes. However, balancing OTA performance can be especially complicated in an environment. The StayNTouch e-book addresses some of the biggest challenges in the hotel marketplace, including key topics such as:

  • Learning from Uber's success at delivering what consumers want
  • How to capture guest information on property
  • Recouping lost revenue from OTA-generated bookings
  • Creating personalized (and profitable) guest experiences online
  • Developing more guest touch points via SMS

"StayNTouch continues to lead the marketplace with thought leadership and industry knowledge that allows our clients to provide more personalized service, increase loyalty and most of all, increase revenue on property," said Jos Schapp, Chief Executive Officer at StayNTouch. "This e-book provide tremendous knowledge for hospitality organizations attempting to ensure that they are leveraging OTA and channel management performance flawlessly while maintaining overall cost control for their businesses."

OTAs are an integral part of selling hotel rooms and are not going away anytime soon. However, the lack of data provided by OTAs to hotels makes is challenging to deliver a personalized guest experience that drives loyalty. Instead, hotels must look for ways to capitalize on opportunities throughout the guest's stay. To do this, they must invest in new technologies that can capture guest data and use it in smart and meaningful ways. This is especially important for travelers who come through third-party booking channels that the hotel knows very little about.

At the end of the day, the e-book highlights the fact that it is not about "beating" the OTAs but capitalizing on this referral source to drive profitability, convince guests to keep coming back –and of course, book direct the next time.

The complimentary e-book is available at To learn more or request a live demo of StayNtouch solutions, please visit

About StayNTouch, A Shiji Group Brand

StayNTouch is a "Software as a Service" hotel property management systems (PMS) company focused on developing solutions that help hotels raise service levels, drive revenues, reduce costs, and ultimately change the way hotels can captivate their guests. Developed with mobility in mind, the pioneering platform enables hotels to create long-lasting relationships with their guests by delivering personalized service levels that today's guests require. StayNTouch operates on tablets and smartphones, empowering hotel employees to go above and beyond in exceeding guest expectations at every touch point.

Powering over 90,000 rooms globally, our game-changing solution frees hotels from the constraints of legacy or premise systems, dramatically streamlines operations, increases margins, and revolutionizes how front-line staff connects with guests. StayNTouch is a trusted partner to many of the most forward-thinking hotels, resorts, casinos and chains in the industry, including Yotel, Zoku Amsterdam, Valencia Hotels, The Freehand Hotels, Modus hotels and the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

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