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Supplier News15 November 2016

15 Reasons Your Customers Don’t Like You.

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Provide Support, LLC.

The key to any business success is building trust and establishing strong relationships with customers as those are the main factors that contribute to customer loyalty and generate more sales, however very often though, we unknowingly create barriers that discourage customers from doing business with us, sometimes simply because we don't realize they exist.

Assuming that your products or services are absolutely great, do you know what can drive your customers away and prevent you from building long-lasting relationships with them?

In the infographic below we've listed 15 major reasons (mostly related to customer service) why your customers don't like you. If you manage to get rid of at least some of them, it might help you establish better relationships with existing customers, attract new ones and dramatically improve customer experience. Are there any other reasons you would add to the list?

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