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Press Release21 November 2016

BLLA Expands Into European Hospitality Market With First-ever Conference In Paris

Leading European Industry Visionaries Gathered at EquipHotel Trade Show on November 9

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Boutique & Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA)

New York – The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA) has successfully expanded into the European hospitality market, hosting the association's first-ever Paris conference at the renowned EquipHotel Trade Show last week. Showing support for the travel and hospitality industry in Paris, BLLA connected hospitality brands and industry leaders for a day of conversation about hotel trends and 2017 projections. BLLA is the official organization to the world's premier boutique hotels, dedicated to connecting independent, upscale hoteliers with fellow industry innovators.


The Paris conference delivered over eight panel discussions, where top hoteliers covered a myriad of topics related to success in the hospitality industry, including creativity in the boutique space, social influencers, finance, and fashion. A look into how art, music, entertainment and fashion inspire leading boutique properties of the world and what hotel guests look for in the lifestyle industry, were hot topics of the day. It was noted that authenticity and a genuine connection with guests will provide consumers with a truly unique experience, ultimately driving the success of the boutique and lifestyle hospitality industry.

The effect of social media in the hospitality space was discussed throughout the day, along with how hotels must be investing into communal spaces of their properties. Liran Wizman, co-founder and owner of Grand City Hotel, Europe Hotels Private Collection discussed the importance of making the communal areas of a hotel into a hub of the destination city by drawing in local guests. Also making the trends list for 2017 is sustainability, as environmentally friendly properties need to reinvent and bring nature into hotels and resorts. A 2020 strategy for sustainability at Peninsula Hotels is in development, with a 360-degree vision to encompass the staff, suppliers, community, building and customer relations into an environmentally friendly space.

"BLLA is a global organization and is proud to have brought our association and conference to Paris this year in continued support of the city's tourism industry and future," said Frances Kiradjian, CEO and Founder of BLLA. "We thrive on globally connecting the leading hospitality luminaries with discerning travelers and advisors, and it was an honor to do this at the continent's premier trade event with so many visionaries."

BLLA's next conference will take place in Los Angeles January 25, with the renowned Boutique Hotel Investment Conference to follow in New York on June 7, 2017.

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