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Press Release23 November 2016

Leonardo Hotels Launches New Lifestyle Brand NYX Hotels

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NYX Hotels Leonardo

BERLIN -- Leonardo Hotels is launching NYX Hotels – its fourth brand that stands for a completely new generation of hotels. It combines the best of the existing Leonardo brands. This results in unique lifestyle hotels that make room for all sorts of individual lifestyles with its high-contrast overall concept, thereby creating an exciting, dynamic and urban environment in tune with the times.


Experience – limitless individuality!

It is not by accident that NYX, the brand's namesake, is the goddess of night. She is both a promise and an invitation for night owls from around the world. NYX Hotels open up an inspiring and creative sensual world to their guests. The heart of these locations comprises a combination of a restaurant, bar and lounge. Their open, spacious design provides the ideal setting for relaxing, enjoying, meeting and sharing. As the evening goes on, the more the lobby transforms itself into a vibrant club, conveying the key message 'we own the night' with every beat. The concise interior ensures every guest has sufficient space to become immersed in the inspiring atmosphere and do exactly whatever they fancy, without being restricted by technical or spatial limitations. NYX Hotels stand for a trendy, uncompromising lifestyle. Here business guests as well as leisure travellers can enjoy a stimulating cocktail of art, music and design.

Design – local unconventionality with a love for the finer details!

The design and its fresh style create a feel-good factor that highlights trendy unconventionality. Accompanied by a natural sense of clarity, an exclusive range of furniture and accessories specially designed for NYX takes centre stage. Regional influences are also incorporated into the design concept, showcasing local artists whose work adorns selected areas of the hotel. Thanks to the local focus, each hotel is distinguished by an unmistakeable ambience, instantly letting guests know where they are in the world.

Location – authentic understatement!

The selection of locations is primarily about finding the perfect place that embodies the spirit of NYX Hotels – authentic locations that exude understatement.

City Lovers – trendsetters with a warm, welcoming and informal attitude!

The staff of NYX Hotels are much more than conventional hotel employees; they are City Lovers. They experience their city full of passion and life, passing on this inspiration to their guests. Naturally, they also take on all the duties of a concierge, but are much closer to the guests. They are informal rather than reserved, and trendsetters rather than typical city guides. Not only do they know where the party scene comes together in Tel Aviv or the fashion hot spots in Milan, but also where the LBGT community spends their time in Munich. Equipped with their welcoming, friendly attitude, they offer insider tips for undiscovered places and respond completely to the wishes of their guests. This diversity combined with the relaxed guest/host relationship makes them one of the important aspects of the NYX experience.

"Individuality, creativity, art, culture and networking are essential components of our living environment today. Guests in our lifestyle hotels greatly appreciate a special attitude towards life – awoken by inspiring experiences. They want to pursue their individual lifestyles at all times, wherever they are in the world. At NYX Hotels, we allow them to do so!", promises Daniel Roger, Managing Director of Leonardo Hotels Europe.

Those who wish to experience the special spirit of NYX, have the opportunity from spring 2017 in Milan and Prague. Additional hotels are also planned in Munich and Madrid. The first hotel of the 'NYX' brand was opened in Israel in August; it has quickly become the new hot spot in the city that never sleeps.

Further information about NYX Hotels is available here:

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NYX Hotels

NYX Hotels stand for a new generation of hotels. They offer the ideal environment for anyone who values an individual lifestyle, offering guests the freedom to do what they want, when they want it. A world full of ideas and life spirit is offered to all guests through a cocktail of art, music and design.
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Anne Radies
PR Manager - Leonardo Hotels
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