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Supplier News21 June 2017

Experience the future of hospitality training at HITEC Toronto with Novility

Training beyond borders at your fingertips – immerse yourselves in an interactive live demo at Booth #1845

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Experience the future of hospitality training at HITEC Toronto with Novility

Amsterdam, Netherlands -- Novility is thrilled to return as an exhibitor at HITEC on June 26-29, this time taking place in Toronto, Canada. A must-attend event in 2017 with more than 365 participating companies, numerous educational sessions on the industry's hottest topics in the tech space & valuable networking opportunities.


The team will be showcasing a live demonstration of its interactive training solution Novility L.I.V.E. in unison with its mobile app companion and the seamlessly connected training management platform Novility H.E.L.P.

Additionally, Novility will place a strong focus on its enhanced ergonomics training module. With warm-up and stretch exercises, hotel employees are encouraged to prepare their body and mind for a day of physically intensive work, which is something highly familiar for housekeeping roles. Moreover, teaching the correct postures and movements to adopt in daily repetitive activities will help to reduce fatigue and discomfort during the working shift.

As highlighted by Novility's ergonomic specialist, Ines Fernandes, "Our goal is to provide hotel team members with awareness of the best ways to use their bodies during operational tasks. Not only will this help reduce the risk of injuries in the long term, but will allow hotel teams to be more productive, doing their job efficiently and safely".

Novility's partners currently include upscale and luxury hotels in the European and North American markets. Following one of the most recent customer success stories from The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa Valley, Novility will continue its growth strategy to roll out in North America. In line with closely nurturing the relationships with their North American customers, the team is also excited to share the opening of their US office, with more details to follow soon.

HITEC is just around the corner, and Novility looks forward to welcoming you soon in Toronto at the Metro Convention Center. Pass by Booth #1845 and make sure not to miss the live demonstrations of Novility's hands-on learning solution!

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A hospitality training & tech pioneer with a team of ambitious hospitality specialists, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, IT experts and ergonomists from around the globe. With a shared passion to reinvent training in hospitality, Novility designs and develops advanced solutions that improve operational productivity and human capital. Join the revolution with Novility to transform the next generation of hospitality growth: building the most trusted and technologically advanced training solution to drive the future of your business.

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