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Press Release22 June 2017

Room Mate Hotels continues its European expansion with an eye on the U.S.

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Room Mate hotels
  • Room Mate Gerard is its fifth hotel in Barcelona, the 22nd opening in the world.
  • The hotel chain focuses now on the continuity of its expansion in the U.S.
  • In 2016 Room Mate Hotels hosted more than 1 million guests and increased revenues by 35%.

Room Mate Hotels, the Spanish global company founded and chaired by Kike Sarasola has opened a new hotel in Barcelona to continue its expansion in Europe, following the launch of three hotels in Italy and one in the Netherlands. Room Mate Hotels, which hosted more than 1 million guests in 2016, opens with Gerard its fifth hotel in Barcelona and the 22nd in the world.

In line with its philosophy that the best way to travel is as staying with friends, every Room Mate Hotel has a person's name and a completely different personality. In this case, the project bears the signature of the acclaimed Chilean interior designer Jaime Beriestain, recognized in Spain as the best interior designer of the year (2016). He maintained the building's traditional Eixample essence and combined it with updated elements, art pieces, designer furniture, and fine materials. With a revolutionary design, Room Mate Gerard is a place where everything can happen.

The Room Mate Gerard Hotel is located right in the heart of Barcelona, only three minutes away from Plaça Catalunya and a short walk from El Born and the Gothic Quarter. As to facilities, the hotel boasts 66 rooms, including a gym, lobby bar, rooftop pool and sundeck, meeting rooms, and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. In addition, Gerard will offer two of the most outstanding Room Mate seals: breakfast served until noon and WiMate (free Wi-Fi throughout the city).

Room Mate Hotels was born in 2005 with Room Mate Mario as its first establishment in Madrid and currently has 21 more with presence in Milan, Florence, Amsterdam, New York, Miami, Mexico City, Istanbul, Madrid, Barcelona, Salamanca, Malaga and Granada. Last year, Room Mate Hotels increased revenues by 35%.

Its founder and president, Kike Sarasola, is one of the best known and recognized entrepreneur in Spain. After succeeding as an Olympic equestrian and working in different business sectors, Sarasola is currently a reference of innovation and creativity in the hotel industry. "Room Mate is more than hotels, it is a philosophy. We want to continue giving unique experiences to our clients and now we are focused on expanding our presence in the U.S. We already have three hotels in the country, two in Miami and one in New York, and the great results have led us to commit to this growing market." Sarasola said.

In the context of its expansion strategy, Room Mate plans to inaugurate eight hotels in the next two years in cities like Rotterdam, London or Paris.

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Room Mate hotels

A spunky upstart based in Spain, Room Mate's outposts in Buenos Aires, Mexico, NYC and Miami cater to a nightlife-loving crowd: Most are located in hip, culture-centric neighborhoods, each one has live DJ-spun music, and hearty buffet breakfasts are served until noon daily.
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About Room Mate Hotels

Room Mate Hotels ( is a Spanish international hotel chain founded by Kike Sarasola in 2005, and its philosophy is based on the idea that the best way to travel is by visiting friends in each city. Room Mate"s hotels, which have a total of about 1.500 rooms, have the characteristics of a true host, and their customers are more than guests. They are roommates (Room Mate). Hotels are viewed as "homes" that open their doors to travelers who come to the city looking for comfort, warmth, and the welcoming spirit offered by the chain"s excellent team of professionals. Room Mate currently has 22 hotels around the world in New York, Miami, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Milan, Florence, Istanbul, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Granada and Salamanca. The company plans to open eight additional hotels in some of the main capital cities around the world. Room Mate offers design, a downtown location, breakfast until noon, and free WiFi throughout the city.

About Room Mate Group

Room Mate is a visionary brand, a different way of understanding business that results from a refusal to conform, from a desire to never stop challenging and questioning ourselves. We want to show the world that a model based on humanization and happiness is more profitable.
We have transcended the concept of the customer to place the focus on peopl e; this is the only way we can understand them and win their hearts. People are always at the core of everything we do and are the departure point for each innovation. They are the motivation behind the creation of our products: Room Mate Hotels, Be Mate and X-Perience. This has been possible thanks to our commitment to the best talent, the Roomies, because we might not know everything, but we surround ourselves with the best.

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