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Supplier News28 June 2017

Dispelling common myths about hotel Wi-Fi

Zainul Mawji, Vice President of Marketing Strategy & Execution

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TELUS Hospitality Solutions

Wi-Fi has become one of the most commonly used pieces of technology in our society. Simply count the number of times you or those around you ask "what's the Wi-Fi password?" at any restaurant, coffee shop or shopping mall. Travelling and staying at hotels is no different, however, there is a common misconception that all Wi-Fi is created equal. Hotels cannot rest on this assumption and risk losing valuable guests and revenue. Check out some additional myths about Wi-Fi and make sure your hotel has the best possible solution in place.

Myth: Hotel Wi-Fi just needs to be good enough. Parking, fitness centres, and fee breakfasts are more important so, as long as hotels offer some kind of Wi-Fi, guests will be happy.

Fact: Wi-Fi tops the list of guest demands. According to annual JD Power and surveys from 2013 to 2015, higher performance Wi-Fi is noted as the most-desired amenity at a hotel. In fact, guest satisfaction drops 6.5 per cent when asked to pay for basic Wi-Fi, while 80 per cent of guests said they won't return after a bad technology experience. Here is where a meshed wireless network is crucial. A self-healing mesh network allows guests to remain connected, regardless of where they are on the property – from fitness centre, to room, to restaurant - ensuring that guests have a consistently positive Wi-Fi experience.

Myth: You should manage your own Wi-Fi and local IT managers can fix things on site.

Fact: Guests expect a consistent and reliable experience across all hotel properties. Rather than solving technical issues, your resources are better spent on customer service and building brand loyalty. A proven provider will deliver 24/7 management and monitoring, as well as technical support. About 60 per cent of travellers prefer to use their smartphones for amenities such as check-in, keys and more, so hotels are relying on their networks like they never have before.

Myth: The infrastructure you have today is good enough for tomorrow. There is no need for new wiring if your existing infrastructure works fine.

Fact: New technology needs higher bandwidth than older infrastructure can support. Data consumption is expected to double by 2020 so hotels need to ensure they keep up with this growing demand.

Fibre networks are the way of the future as it's the leading technology to ensure both speed and reliability. Fibre optic never degrades, which means it's a fast, consistent connection, without lag or interruption. TELUS recognizes the importance of this technology for the success of businesses and is making investments to bring TELUS PureFibre networks to local communities.

Myth: High quality guest Wi-Fi is expensive and hoteliers should save investments for more tangible amenities.

Fact: Providing exceptional guest Wi-Fi costs less than providing toiletries. In fact, the average daily cost per room for toiletries is $1.25 while world-class Wi-Fi per room is just $0.25. Guests may come back if they don't like your shampoo but not if they don't like the Wi-Fi experience.

Learn more about how TELUS can help you provide Wi-Fi that keeps customers coming back.

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