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Supplier News18 October 2017

Next-Generation Hotel Property Management Systems: Everything You Need to Know

The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems - Now Available for Complimentary Access

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Starfleet Media

Last month, Starfleet Research, the leading provider of best practices IT market research for the hospitality industry, announced the release of The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems. It is now available for complimentary access.


This popular and authoritative guide, now in its fourth edition, serves as an invaluable resource for hoteliers seeking to implement a next-generation property management system (PMS) or to upgrade their current platform capabilities.

The new Smart Decision Guide has been updated and expanded to highlight a number of emerging trends, including recent enhancements in analytics and reporting capabilities that are allowing hoteliers to generate more and better insights from their mountains of guest and operational data. It also emphasizes the importance of technology interoperability and data integration.

With upwards of a hundred solution providers actively developing and marketing property management systems, it can be difficult for hoteliers to know where to start with the research process. The best of these solutions are impressive by any measure. Still, different solutions have different features, capabilities and competitive strengths.

How should hoteliers go about determining which solution best fits their needs and will most likely deliver the benefits they seek, with minimum hassle and expense? According to the research, there are many factors to consider, with some of them invariably carrying more weight than others.

The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems provides a framework for weighing these considerations in the context of their property's specific needs and strategic priorities. It offers practical advice and a roadmap for success for not only selecting the right solution but also for maximizing its value over time while driving continuous performance improvement across all parts of the property.

The research is based on data collected from 233 qualified survey respondents across different geographies, different types of lodging properties and different levels of the organization.

Among the key findings:

  • 23% of hoteliers who have not upgraded their PMS within the past 3 years plan to do so in the next 12 months
  • 89% of hoteliers believe that hospitality technologies are key to not only addressing many of their current challenges, but also to catapulting their businesses to ever-higher levels of operational performance and guest satisfaction
  • 91% of hoteliers "agree" or "strongly agree" that technology platform interoperability and compatibility is a key success factor for hotel performance improvement
  • 96% of hoteliers believe that the biggest benefit to be gained with the right PMS is the ability to improve guest satisfaction and the quality of the guest experience
  • 87% percent of hoteliers view the ability to generate analytical reports that reveal actionable insights that can help drive performance improvement as a key success factor with PMS

The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems was independently produced, providing for unbiased, fact-based information. Content developement and distribution was made possible by the following industry leaders: Agilysys, Infor, Maestro, Oracle Hospitality and Sabre.

Click here to access the Smart Decision Guide.

About Starfleet Research

Every year, Starfleet Research, the IT market research arm of Starfleet Media, benchmarks best practices in technology-enabled business initiatives across thousands of hotels and resorts around the world. Starfleet Media also now publishes Hotel Technology News. Other recent hospitality-related Smart Decision Guide titles include The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Guest Experience Management, The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Hospitality Revenue Management and The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant Management and POS Systems. 


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