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Give Guests the Gift that Keeps on Giving in 2018: Mobile Device Charging from Kube Systems

All Kube Systems solutions that ‘feature wireless Qi charging’ are compatible today with Apple’s iPhone 8, iPhone X and future smartphones

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Kube Systems

Jericho, NY -- The holiday season is upon us, and Apple is projecting record-breaking revenue for the Christmas quarter, with iPhone X and iPhone 8 sales expected to represent a large chunk of that revenue. What that means to hoteliers is travelers will be bringing these new devices to hotels next year, and they will be expecting to charge them whenever and wherever power is needed. Hoteliers who invested in wireless mobile device charging solutions from Kube Systems – including Kube Essentials, Kube Audio Clock and Kube 5 Portable – can sleep soundly knowing these devices are future proof and compatible with next generation mobile smartphones and tablets.

"Kube Systems is a leader in mobile-device charging, building wireless Qi charging into our solutions as early as 2014," said Dave Weinstein, Kube Systems vice president. "As mobile technology continues to infiltrate and reshape the hotel landscape with guests requesting services and engaging with the hotel by smartphone and tablet, we've designed our technology to be upgradeable to next generation charging formats. Kube's built-in connectors are compatible with virtually all smartphones, tablets, fitness bands, cameras and headphones. Auto-sensing USB ports will provide additional ways to charge specialty devices requiring other connectors. Guests bringing their new iPhone 8, iPhone 8s or iPhone X to hotels equipped with a Kube System solution will have no problem powering up."

In 2017, Kube Systems has seen a dramatic increase in its customer portfolio spanning the globe. The company attributes its success in part to its growing number of reseller partners, including: ALMO Professional A/V, American Hotel Register, Guest Supply, KniTec, and TeleAdapt (Americas); Airwave (Europe); International Interior Images (Australia); Ming Fai (APAC); and Precision Technologies (Middle East). Since September, the company has engaged in conversations with hoteliers (representing more than 1,000 hotels) expressing their desire to add or upgrade to wireless mobile device charging. This trend supports the findings in Hospitality Technology's 2017 Customer Engagement Technology Study which states: "79% of hoteliers expect to have a comprehensive mobile experience for guests in place by 2018." With travelers planning to use their mobile devices to request services (62%), check out (57%), order room service (55%), schedule wake-up calls (55%), pay by mobile wallet (55%), check in (55%), control the guestroom (54%), use the phone as a mobile key (46%), stream content from the phone to the TV (42%), and purchase merchandise (35%), hoteliers must have a way for guests to power these devices. More importantly, they need to be able to charge the devices that are new to the market today . . . and in the future.

Feature Rich and Future Proof

Kube Essentials is a sleek, elegant alarm clock featuring high-speed charging for up to six devices at once, including laptops. It offers more charging capability at a low cost. It sports built-in charging cables that are upgradeable to next generation charging formats such as USB-C, two USB Ports and an optional wireless Qi charging pad.

Kube 5 Portable is a mobile device charging system consisting of one docking station housing five portable charging Kubes. Each Kube can power up to 6 mobile devices and features three built-in connectors (upgradeable to USB-C), two USB ports and comes with Qi wireless charging. All smartphones and tablets can be powered with the Kube 5.

Kube Audio Clock is Bluetooth friendly for streaming music in the guestroom and sports a small footprint at the bedside. Available in black or white and optional Qi wireless charging, the Kube Audio Clock is compatible with all smartphones and tablets, charges up to six devices, and upgradeable USB-C cables are available.

"Mobile device charging is the gift that gives all year," Weinstein said. "There is nothing more critical to the success of a hotel's operation than ensuring that guests' can power their mobile devices to engage with your hotel. The best solution to invest in for the new year is one that guests appreciate … one that is future proof … and one that drives loyalty and repeat business."

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About Kube Systems

Kube Systems ( was born from more than 50 years of experience by renowned hospitality brand Ramler International. Kube Systems designs, manufactures and markets unique technology solutions focused on the hospitality industry. Its solutions blend innovation with intuitive technology to enhance the guest experience. The Kube Systems suite of products combine the convenience of multi-device charging with portability, streaming audio playback and time keeping. Visit Kube Systems at CES January 6 to 9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in SL-4.

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