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Supplier News 6 February 2018

Future of Hospitality 2018 Research Report Published by MicroMetrics

A look into technology's changing role in hospitality

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Micro Metrics Inc.

Ottawa, Canada -- MicroMetrics' The Future Of Hospitality 2018 Research Report has been published. The research report is designed to showcase crucial upcoming technological trends in hospitality.

MicroMetrics, led by the founding executives responsible for making the Helix suite of solutions a standard in guest satisfaction, published a detailed report that examines the upcoming technological trends in hospitality and provides hospitality professionals with in-depth knowledge of how to stay competitive in the industry's changing landscape.

Some highlights from the report include:

  • 28% of Industry Leaders believe "Evolving Customer Expectations" will disrupt the hospitality industry 
  • Only 3% of Industry Leaders see "Airbnb" as a potential threat
  • 30% of Industry Leaders plan to invest upwards of $500,000 in the implementation of new technologies

MicroMetrics' methodologies for this research report include a survey of 2,500+ hospitality professionals spanning all areas of the industry, as well as a collection of feedback and advice from 40 hospitality experts.

"Our goal with this report is to empower hospitality professionals to make the right decisions moving forward. In learning more about where the industry is going, and which trends are powering this change, we hope to bring critical information to light and facilitate meaningful discussions to help hospitality professionals stay competitive and continue to exceed their guests' expectations"

— Artem Abramov, CEO of MicroMetrics.

The Future Of Hospitality 2018 Research Report can be accessed here.

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